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not much to say about me.
Im a college student going for my art major.

livestreming- dreamqueen
gaia online- go_2_hell123
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    melinda stumpf
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Lunge you are such a lovable asshole
got to love Lunge
the face said to me "wait who is going to make me my food"
Woot ! more Lunge.
I wasn't his sideburns that gave it away it was his hat
Plz let that be Lunge
was just playing that
portal 2 moment right now
running in heels is no big deal i do it all the time at cons and expos
Man I love Locke and I get to see him on my b-day to
I like these to together for some reason
July 8th, 2013
helping my little sister out with her math homework was nuts. I would be dead then do that again.
go Zeggy go kick his ass
oh those shorts just make them into short short without a shirt on this sexy ass teacher plz.
Zeggy is trying to not lose control right now
Oh Zeggy your going to jump him aren't you
Bitch needs to die
Tommy is going to be so jealous of Dake muscles
OMG that guards face *Takes him to another room and locks the door*
oh crap family reunion shit is going down.
November 20th, 2012
well shit someone did see you