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BlackHeart the Unbelievable
That Bisharp freak guy.
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Protects more than just your computer from viruses.
All that came to my mind was "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!"
Is it bad that whenever I read Kaaby's long text bubbles, I imagine her singing some sort of song?
To Serve Birdon
Available only at your local Halberd.
I wish I could understand the other languages there.
I don't know what to ask.

What the heck did Karby just do? Or...

What did Mirror get hit into to get squorshed?
@JosephX: Well, considering my crazy personality... the answer should be obvious.
@People saying pink or light red: To me, it's a bit bright light purple.
"Just think about it, that's all I'm asking right now."

*Same Panel*

"... All right, I will."

Kooby sure makes up his mind fast.
Ooh hey, an edit.
I still await the command, Empress Adorable.
Normal? That's not in my dictionary. What does it mean?
@MecanicalCH: Don't forget they hate competition.

Well hey, Kirby did take care of Dyna Blade's babies (one, in anime).
Has TAC recently been to the Mushroom Kingdom?
God of Comic vs. Kexas
Place your bets, folks.
Poor Vezo
He isn't even getting panel time.