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Well I like to draw, which is basically my whole life I guess. I write and I love to read/ My favorite thing to do is play Tales games from namco
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Ew gross!! least we can say that Kae can throw knives well...

Probably a good thing since that spider is probably not the good kind...
yeah....keep your hair that way looks nice =w=.
Is it me...or does Zeus look a bit angry or peeved?
they're twins. =_= *see's this coming* OTL..wonder which one likes Naoto...:P
Can't wait for more >w< <3 With the comment from the really early chapters that Kuro said about someone minding it makes me wonder...

And yay finally in person >w<
February 25th, 2013
I'm....beginning to see a connection..or what seems to be a connection :3

Lovely page even with the last panel
January 21st, 2013
My guess is...that since she's part of the underworld now and the seasons are needed for fresh harvest each year...that Persephone can have kids without an issue...

Such a plot twist! :DDDD
is it the guy that was wearing the mask? Just taking a wild guess~
Uranus!!! Or I could be wrong...
Hm... What I think is going to happen is métis will make Nike healthy again, then when no one is looking hades and Metis will take Nike back to her siblings. And concerning métis death... Athena had to be born first, she'll probably die giving birth to Athena. But hey this is what I think, :3
Holy Crap!
Wow I think you caught Gaia's image perfectly!!
Its all a....DREAMMM!!!
@Shylia: I think its more like he's unconscious from a high fever rather then asleep...but I agree with you! Wish I slept that good when sick..
Are we gonna see what he looks like in real life? Maybe even a bit about Kurogawa? That would be awesome!! =w=
@Myriads of Blue: if he was that would be so awesome!!! =w=
KYAAAAAAA! *fangirl moment* Nice! I love the comment in the picture! ^____^
ToT, tears came to my eyes when I saw this page. Its so sad and cute at the same time!!!!!
February 12th, 2012
JACK ASSS!! *echos*
February 12th, 2012
Well the jack ass is picky as hell ain't he -_- stupid abusive men. ((not all men though ;) ))
Kick his princely butt!!