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Dr Frizzy
My name is Frizzy, I'm currently studying to be a highschool teacher, and in my spare time I like to make comics.

I also am/used to be the user "Four King Hell" here, with a comic of the same name; I didn't think that out very well when I picked my username, so now I'm in the process of moving everything over.
Four King Hell is a comedy.
Hi! I'm sorry to hear the alt text is cut off for you, but that seems to be a browser issue. Using Firefox it displays the entire alt text while Chrome cuts it off. The alt descriptions are primarily for screen readers so I hope anyone using those is able to scan the full alt text regardless of which browser they use. There might also be an extention for your browser that displays full alt text.
I'm glad that you are otherwise enjoying this comic! Thank you for your comment!
This page was a little late because of the Easter long weekend - hope everyone who celebrates had a great time!
I'm sorry there was no update last week, life got hectic enough that it burned through my whole buffer and then some. But I'm trying a couple of new techniques with this page that should make it a bit faster to make new pages.
To be clear, Setsuna's daughter is Hotaru.
Just to clarify, since the lineart is ambiguous and their designs are so similar, that's Jadeite asleep on the leaves, not Demande!
Other than general "what was going to happen" questions, this was, without a doubt, the most asked-about 4KH loose end.
Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who has added this comic to their SmackJeeves favourites and left a comment either here, on Tumblr/Twitter, or CuriousCat! I had no idea whether this comic's revival would resonate with anyone - there's always that gnawing doubt in the back of your head saying nobody is going to care or be interested, or that they won't like the changes or the new pages, etc. But I was blown away by the response!

You have all been so wonderful and supportive, both brand new readers (welcome!) and returning fans (welcome home!). The comments have been overwhelming. Four King Hell and Sailor Moon both mean so much to me and I'm so ecstatic it means this much to so many other people, too, ten years later. I cannot say thank you enough. This comic wouldn't exist if it weren't for you! Thank you so much!! Thank you! Please enjoy!

(P.S. 4KH is now slated to update Mondays!)
Artemis ran all the way back to their apartment to grab Minako's wand.
This is Nergal from the game Sailor Moon: Another Story. It's not meant to be a spoiler, so if you want to find out more about her, you can look her up, but if you don't know who she is, I won't elaborate just yet.
The second panel is lifted from the manga. Those three buildings are the Tennoh Complex, Kaioh Complex, and Meioh Complex that surround what was previously Infinity Academy. I don't think I'll have a place to mention it in-canon, but I think, in addition to the house we see the Outers living in during Stars, they each maintain an apartment in the complexes they own due to convenience and keeping up appearances. This is Setsuna's apartment, and later we will see Michiru's apartment. Hotaru can travel between any one.
When I was first drawing these pages, this was the point where I swapped over to fully digital art, and I had a lot of trouble with how my tablet drivers were working and how to get my line thickness under control. So the next few pages look a bit wonkier than usual, but it smooths itself out pretty quickly.
<img src="">
If you aren't familiar with her manga design, this is how Queen Beryl looked before she was turned by Metalia, when she lived on the Earth as a normal peasant.
I tried to avoid giving Jadeite a surname, but I figure he'd need one to be at school. I toyed with giving all the Shitennou the surname Chiba, but that gives the weird impression they're all related, so I decided against it. I also considered basing their names off their gemstones, but that didn't end up working (not enough variety since they're all just different kinds of jade). Eventually I decided on something that is maybe not very creative but definitely ties in better with the Sailor Moon canon.
The Shitennou are based loosely on the Buddhist Shitennou, which are each associated with a cardinal direction. So the surnames I settled on are a cardinal direction followed by 野, "field", pronounced "no". This is the same kanji at the end of the Inners' surnames, and phonetically, it makes their names a pun. So "南野" or "Minamino" literally means "South Field", but it sounds identical to "Of the South". So Minamino Jadeite sounds like "Jadeite of the South". This is the same way that the girls' names are puns ("Hino Rei" sounds like "Rei of Fire", etc.) Problem is, the directions associated with each Shitennou in Sailor Moon is contentious. Personally, I've used the colour association from the early manga and the 90s anime, since that's what I also went with in 4KH. That means Jadeite is red→Zochoten→South, Nephrite is yellow/orange→Komokuten→West, Zoisite is green→Jikokuten→East, and Kunzite is silver/blue→Tamonten→North.
So, their surnames are:
Jadeite: 南野 [Minamino] Literal: "South Field" Phonetic: "Of the South"
Nephrite: 西野 [Nishino] Literal: "West Field" Phonetic: "Of the West"
Zoisite: 東野 [Higashino] Literal: "East Field" Phonetic: "Of the East"
Kunzite: 北野 [Kitano] Literal: "North Field" Phonetic: "Of the North"

These names are HEAVILY inspired by i1976blunotte's headcanons, but the colour/Shitennou/direction assignment is taken from sailor-scribbles's analysis.

Another headcanon is that the Shitennou come from (or... are close enough to coming from, since they're not entirely human, at least in 4KH) the places their Hi Stones are found in the game Sailor Moon: Another Story. There's a lot of canon-adjacent Shitennou filler in that game, but without getting into it, that would make Jadeite Nepalese, Zoisite Swiss, Nephrite Canadian, and Kunzite Turkish. So within the canon of 4KH, they identify as being (all or part) these ethnicities while living as humans in Japan.
Did you recognise these two...?

<img src="">

Deep lore.
Since I'm sure these girls aren't named canonically, my names for them are Kanoko (left) and Shizuka (right).
Welcome to Four King Hell!
This comic began in August, 2009, during my last year of highschool as a way to procrastinate from schoolwork. After 170 pages and several long breaks, it finally entered what seemed its final hiatus in August 2013. But I never forgot about it. And almost six years later, in 2019, just in time for the comic's ten year anniversary, I decided to finally revisit my first and longest-running webcomic and give it one more shot.

Every page has been rewritten. Almost every page has been given a facelift, too, as I no longer had the original page files and had to paint over the images anyway in order to edit the text. After trimming some dead weight, this version is also about 5 pages shorter. If you'd like to read the original pages or see a breakdown of all changes, check the Links page.

Each page is transcribed in the alt text of the comic for those using screen readers, which you can also read by hovering over the page. The original pagedates have also been kept for posterity and because it would break SmackJeeves if I didn't.

If you're a new reader, I hope you enjoy my comic. The art is pretty rough in places but it eventually finds its stride. And if you're a returning reader... Thank you for your eternal patience and support. Even as I was putting the final touches on this update, I was still receiving messages from readers curious about what direction I was planning on taking this comic if I hadn't abandoned it, and it brings me great pleasure to finally be able to show you.
We're back!
There are three new pages with this update, so don't forget to go back to page 165 and read from there if you're a returning reader.
That said, if you are a returning reader, you might want to reread the entire comic, as the whole thing has been rewritten and parts of it have been redrawn. Some key points have been slightly changed and some new elements have been foreshadowed - don't get lost!
No, I think it's entirely reasonable. All words have their etymology, and I apologise for using something offensive. "F" has a point and it was simple to change, so I did.
there isn't so much a punchline for the last one so much as I wanted to draw Lapras more