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Dr Frizzy
My name is Frizzy, I'm currently studying to be a highschool teacher, and in my spare time I like to make comics.

I also am/used to be the user "Four King Hell" here, with a comic of the same name; I didn't think that out very well when I picked my username, so now I'm in the process of moving everything over.
So, I'm a real deadbeat author, huh?
I had these pages done for a while, but I wanted to draw a third page and upload them all at once, so I hung onto them. Unfortunately I ran out of time to do the third one, so I decided I'd just set these two out for now. Sorry for being such a flake!
No, I think it's entirely reasonable. All words have their etymology, and I apologise for using something offensive. "F" has a point and it was simple to change, so I did.
there isn't so much a punchline for the last one so much as I wanted to draw Lapras more
Fanservice: Poll Dancing
Yo! For absolutely no reason at all, I'm doing a thing. I'm going to be drawing a yet-undetermined amount of shameless 4KH-related fanservice; you get to pick who! The twist is that each option comes in a set of two.
It's important to note that the pairs mostly aren't romantic in nature. So if you're thinking, "Man, I could really go for seeing these two in implausibly skimpy swimwear, but I don't really want to see them make out!", don't worry. Go with your instincts, not your shipping chart.
Slightly more info after the link.

Vote! Vote! Go vote!
While I thankfully remembered to draw Ami applying her visor at the start of the battle, I forgot to actually draw her wearing it at any subsequent point. That was dumb. Please imagine that she wore it for all the fight and not just two seconds.

Also: Yesterday (26th here) was my birthday! <img src="">
I'm sorry for essentially skipping town on the comic for a few... months. I've been working on something 4KH-related for a little while which has distracted me from making new pages. I've also been working hard on a new project of mine; Lunacy, an online Sailor Moon fan magazine, created from a joint effort of SM bloggers and fans. I've wanted to make a Sailor Moon magazine since I was a kid. In fact, 4KH originated as an idea for a serial comic in that zine, which is why it started out slightly more gag-based and meta than it is now. So if it interests you, it'd be really swell if you could check us out on Tumblr, Twitter or our new Facebook page. We've been going for about a month now, with two issues online.
Read issues online at

This has taken up my time lately, but I'm in a thoroughly 4KH mood now so I hope I'll be able to hammer out a few more pages to make up for my absence.
Thanks for your patience with me.
My USB ports/computer/soul/SOMETHING is interfering with my tablet and causing it to not work. Old me would have taken this as an opportunity to skip out on a page. New, responsible me took the wheel and made this week's page 99% traditional. Old me was more fun.
I'm really, really sorry that I was gone for so long. Especially considering if I'd done just one more page it would've been a much better place to just disappear for a month. Other than needing some time off for personal reasons, I don't have any excuses, so I'm going to work hard to make as many extra pages as I can over the next week or two to make up for it.

I'm experimenting doing pages in Photoshop now, so please excuse future newbie mistakes that are likely to crop up in future pages.

- - - -

I'm sure that almost all of you will have heard the news at this point, but just in case there are some people who haven't know - Sailor Moon will be getting a new anime series in 2013! It's not a rumour, it's really happening. You can read the Anime News Network article about it and watch the original Nico Nico Douga video announcement - featuring Momoiro Clover Z, the group confirmed to sing the new opening song - subtitled on Miss Dream's YouTube channel. This is an exciting time for all Sailor Moon fans! We waited and it's finally paying off!
What's this? Kunzite asking Minako out? Oh precious.
1) Usagi is the one speaking, not Kunzite.
2) Fading in, unfortunately!
Because she's smooshing it up against Venus's shoulder.
Sorry about the delay; my cat had to get surgery and wasn't taking to her stitches/shame cone very well. (She's doing much better now.) But I'm pretty sure it's still Monday for many of you so I don't feel too bad.
If this were produced by DiC, Rei would probably be having a "HHMMmmmMMMMMmm I SENSE SOMETHING WEIRD ABOUT THIS GUYS" monologue right now. Good thing it's not so she isn't.
Let me just waste your time and talk about how cold it is here. Normally I like cooler weather, but I've got shitty circulation so my fingers are like icicles. It's pretty hard to type. I think I know how Nergal feels.

Also, I was hoping it would be more obvious than it is, but Usagi is (of course) trying to push the key away from Minako, not pull it closer. But she's also trying to hold her up.
I also realised on this page that I put tone over Nergal's hair when she was introduced, then promptly forgot to do it since. So, uh, her hair isn't randomly changing colour, I'm a hack.
Sorry about the delay, I was living the glamorous life of a webcomic author. (By which I mean I have a gross cold and spent most of the day snorting out goo and sleeping.)

Anyway, hope y'all weren't curious about that cage and wanted to see it get resolved or anything.
Actually, I'm really pleased to see people speculating about what it could be! I don't want to step in and disprove anything (because what's the fun in that?), but I'd like to pose some semi-cryptic questions that might give you more fuel for hypotheses;

Is it really a "heart" cage? Are the two necessarily connected that way? Must it always be a heart or always a cage?
Has there been anything else in this comic that partially resembles something going on lately?

@ GeneralWinter
The "dotty fill"/screentone patterns are done using pre-existing images/seamless repeating patterns made for this purpose, putting it over your image and then erasing what you don't want to show through.
It's a sort of complicated process, and I'm actually just about to write up a tutorial about how I technically make a page, so I'll elaborate on how to apply screentone digitally in more detail then. :)
Kunzite you are a shitty Prince Charming.
Everyone's a tad too preoccupied to focus on Kunzite's dashing wardrobe change.
Playing mind games? Or does Master 19 really know Mamoru?
Also, grammar enthusiasts: Master 19's double negative there is intentional.

Just a helpful/irritating reminder that I've opened commissions! I'm just starting out and prices are pretty cheap. You can find more information over here @ DeviantART.
So Jupiter escaped relatively unscathed... but things aren't looking so promising for Mars. Tune in next week to find out what happens! ヾ(。・ω・。)

Also if you're playing through Another Story as you read this and you're using the fan translation, this is the correct romanisation of "H-Lame Heart".