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@karton: =_=;; I don't remember if I agreed to that or not. I think I did...but to know that the translation was so off makes me sad.
@karton: What Russian translation?
Wow, that sun went down in a DANG HECKIN HURRY XD
Chapter 15 is underway! I'm gonna take some time to sketch all the pages and do my backgrounds though, that way I can crank the updates out quickly like I did with the end of Ch14. I think it just works out better that way, at least for me XD
@MetalPorSiempre: Ren got her Knighthood when she made it into the 1st Tributary, back in the day, before becoming a Fafnir Knight. She didn't lose it when she stopped being one. Gabriel just isn't the sort to use formalities when speaking to people he spends a lot of time with so 'Dame' doesn't really come up that much unless someone else is talking about her lol
Chapter's done! Great timing, too! The end of an era...a chapter I've been working on since I lost my last non-poverty-wage job, and with the start of the next chapter, the official beginning to my start with a new not-poverty-wage job! That's the good news I was hoping to give before...I no longer need 2 jobs XD I'll keep the overnight one because it'll mean I can pay off my new car faster, but otherwise, things are good again :3 Goes to show that when you stop looking for something, you'll find it. Or in this case, it found me. I didn't think I'd ever find another job that'd pay me what I was making before, but outta no where, this one pops up into my life and everything is going to be amazing again. (Oddly, that On This Day function on FB is showing me that this is exactly the same, day for day, situation I was dealing with exactly at this time last year XD Weird. Glad I'm back in the saddle though with the field I trained for. Updates should be a bit faster once I start there in January because I'll have more time to sleep, so I won't be too exhausted to draw for days at a time.)

Otherwise, Ch15 is GO! Gonna take a few days to plan the pages/panels and get sketching. I'm super stoked about this one because it really starts to show what the main plot of Book 1 is going to be, now that all the players have been introduced.
Whew, what a crazy week. I've tried to finish this page for like 5 days but I just couldn't. Things might be looking up IRL fairly soon.
Be very careful with publishers. Many of them will want you to create pages faster than you sometimes feel you can, or will want you to change things.
@m_celeri: I more-or-less walked away unhurt, save the seatbelt mark. My car, however, was totaled. I'm just glad I didn't hit anyone else...that would've been worse than an accident in itself.

PS Aye Gabe cares, he's got a big heart for a select group of people he trusts.
Sorry for the late update. I was in a wreck last Sunday night on the eve of my days off for the week, so all of my time off was spent dealing with that. This week is pretty light so I should be able to post more.
Big bro no happy.
Gabe really should know better than to sass people in front of his boss....buuuuut he tends to be somewhat loose-lipped when he's peeved XD
@Candychains: It's paying the bills, which is all I can ask XD
Holy crap I posted!

Hiatus is over...but posting will be slow. As I've said here and there, I had to take a second job cuz things went south in June, but I'm still working on stuff. I have the rest of this chapter sketched and backgrounded, so I just have to finish. I'll post the pages as I get them done.

Thanks all for your patience.
@11scorpio14: Glad you liked it <3 Hopefully I can get back to updating soon. This past week was murder for me because my work schedule was all jacked up. It should stabilize in the coming weeks though. I'm hoping to get my art mojo back soon after.
@11scorpio14: Aye! Reading over what I wrote before, I actually feel like it's a little confusing, so I've simplified/clarified the post a little bit. Hope it helps.
Please check the FB page for more info. I will get back to drawing as soon as I can.

Edit: 8/7/16 It's weird how the page gains readers when I can't update but doesn't gain readers when I'm posting every week XD;; No change on hiatus at this time. Nothing has resolved since it started...sigh..

EDIT 9/11/16: Things are finally starting to turn around again. I can't say for sure when I'll be able to get to drawing again, but suffice it to say, things are getting good enough again for me that I'm able to at least work on the manuscript. I've officially finished the Book 1 story, which I'd lost a year and a half ago due to an accident that claimed the life of my external HD, which was the only place I had the story at the time. In either case, I'm currently working on the summary for Book 2 and hope to finish it soon, so I can get Book 3 done, and then continue writing actual chapters until my art muse comes back. It may still be a few weeks before I get used to the new work schedule (I have an overnight part time job now and a full time day job, but each of them is only 4 days per week, so with any luck, having 3 combined full days off each week will give me something to work with. Thanks for keeping tabs and don't forget to check the FB page for news.
@MistressMorbid: Seth's 5'6", Furion's 6'5" XD
@Kavyle: Ah, it's all good. I may not like being reminded of the Redux, but I like comments on my work regardless of what work it is, especially when the comments are long and/or thoughtful.

I kind of fell off the Bleach bandwagon a really long time ago. I actually cast it off outright in utter disgust right after the Fullbringer Arc had ended (and to be honest, I only really read the end of it, after the Shinigami returned to fight the Fullbringers...but I didn't even bother with most of that anyway, cuz some of it was just so obnoxious I can't even. Like, everything about video-game-kid and history-hack guy infuriated me because everything about them was so deus ex machina.) I'd heard about all the stupid shit Kubo had done with the story after that, like making the Kurosaki clan a sect of Quincy, and that Ichigo's inner Hollow had actually been a Vasto Lorde or something that attacked Masaki in the real world and Isshin did something to save her. I dunno. I forget all the details at this point. I just remember that the whole thing pissed me off enough that I turned down a commission worth $250 because it would've forced me to draw Quincy Masaki and 'White' as I've been told the Hollow was called.

I took what barely-little I knew of the arc and spliced it into my fanfiction, posted it, and called it a day. Fought with a guy over on who thought he could turn my comic into a panel-for-panel, word-for-word fanfiction that he claimed was his own brainchild, and didn't seem at all flustered by like 10 people being like "Dude. Srsly. This is the Redux. Stahp. You're not fooling anyone." I don't know if ended up taking his story down or not, but I remember it being annoying.

Eidolon, my original creation, is actually doing pretty good. It's not nearly as popular as I'd hoped it would be, but I guess I can only blame myself for that. I hate advertising, so I count on word of mouth or random chance for people to find it. Some people just never hit it big...other people get way more popular than you'd ever assume they would be worthy of. It doesn't really matter. There's about 3-5 semi-regular commenters on there and that's really all I need to encourage me most days. I like Eidolon enough to draw it even if I'm the only one who will ever know how it ends. I guess I'll just have to see what happens. It's a pretty long story.