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I am an artist and a writer, but I don't really have much confidence enough to make a comic or manga.. n_n;
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I predict that long hair gorgeous brother likes noato, but knows his brother likes him more, and thus is doing this contest to force sexy short hair brother into realizing, admitting, and ACTING on his feelings for once - in an act of brotherly compassion.

As much as i like love triangles... this idea puts a sweet smile in my heart. <3 Loving the story, loving the art. I cant wait until the next updates. <3
Youre too cute. - u -
Best wishes for school. Make sure to get enough sleep and take time to do stuff thats fun or youll start feeling burnt out. (graduated videogame art and design <--- woot woot)so trust me <3 And ill be looking forward to updates. :3
i feel scared.
What if someone else is at joas place... A stranger.

...Please tell me youve been having out of body experience in my dreams cause i imagined that poor boy getting raped by TENTACLES in the same manner in dreams. (well, day-dreams). <3 Oh....yus plz.
Odd couples
I get the feeling that kaoru is actually going to end up with our little in-game tranny here. Just a hunch though. That way io can properly ship shizu and naota.
People need to give shizu a chance! D;
Took the words out of my mouth! Aside from the obvious hints that the longer haired brother is a playboy whos used to flirting and has a good game, i can also see this as a ploy to win since he might be better at it than his brother. Ass that onto your observations and one might feel a little bad for nao because he cant choose for himself which one he personally liked better knowing they are seperate people, and it may cause sad and diffucilt situations for them all in the future. Hopefully the other brother may take it upon himself to reveal the truth, and put this in the right direction. Having a three way relationship may not have even crossed the minds of anyone yet, but i can see naoto giving it consideration since one without the other is NOT what he fell in love with.

Dem big, doey. deer eyes.

Get it boy. Get it HARD.
Two men, one uke. TAKE TURNS DANGIT.
OH hush about that beautiful mans hair! Imagine it NOT in a pony tail...Free, flowy with lucious soft tendrils cascading down those taut broad shoulders. Probably smells good too. And.. is that music i hear? Huh. I'm very warm for some reason.
September 21st, 2011
Mmm... He looks good with glasses.


August 29th, 2011
Pff. I don't know about you guys, but I adore Sindri.
>>; Geeze, It's like a mirror. My responses were a bit different, but you know - I had a conversation like that with some strange girl at a convention.
. ___.

I don't know what the hell it is people expect to hear though. Sometimes it's even another lesbian or even a bisexual person who would ask me something like that.

I feel ya guurl.
*fist pump*
makes everything better for everyone
Give serg a kiss, Simon. <3 That will make him feel better. Lil' peckeroo on the cheek~ x3
Now I wanna see those two doin' it.

. w .
@ ^ Comment
First I was all :/ Then I was like XDD
*spaz* Simo. <3