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I love Animes and Mangas!!!! Genres fav:Yaoi, shounen ai, romance, adventure, comedy, ..........etc XP
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My fav character is Jun! I think jun is cute and can be sooooo dense. Maybe a bit dumb!!XD But thats what i like about him. He also caring and kind and really outgoing. He really funny too. I think he will always be the star of any party or place he ever goes to. Its also really cute how he can be clueless ALL THE TIME!XDD
sorry we haven't been updating! TTxTT we been busy we school trying to get our grades up so we can go to our field trip.
I wanna be his friend!!!~ (so i can spy on them when those *parts* come in~! O//,//O )
HE IS HOT!!! XDD That was the 1st thing i thought of!! XDD
LOL Tatsuya looks younger!XD W/ my style i bet Yuuki is going to look like a baby! XP
*NOSEBLEED* (Perverted thoughts about the next page) O//,//O
I can't wait for the next page!!!
*perverted thoughts* O//,//O *blushie nosebleed*
*perverted thoughs = nosebleed
*Kyaaaaaa~!♥ I WONDER WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT~! (course i know...maybe)
Ahahahahaha~!!! "Now theres a *BEEP* here" hilarous! XDD
Sanku~!♥ for updating so often!!!
I♥♥♥♥♥♥ this webcomic soooooooo much~!!!
Ahahaha! Hiro so straight forward!!! & Nao's lost!XD
Yay done with the cover page. Sorry the coloring sloppy its because i used a mouse to color it.
The 1st page of the story is coming up next.
YAYAY!!!!!!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!Sorry we're so lazy....
Hahaha....Kai so prosessive!!~