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Joshua reminds me vaguely of Francis Bonnefoy, aka France, from Axis powers. He just doesn't give up. The parallel ends there, though, because while Arthur (England) refuses him at every turn, Francis is really good at pushing his buttons and making him mad. Poor Artie wishes he could deadpan like Mark.
Grr, there's gotta be more to the story, if you're still mirroring the movie, Ursul has yet to do anything... which means something's going to happen... NOOO, ERIC SAY YES SUPER QUICK!!!
January 23rd, 2011
Kyuun~! I cried. Just a bit. Tear leaked out.
January 23rd, 2011
I love his PFFT face. Like an old man.
January 21st, 2011
"Just one", PFFT that's like saying, "Oh I'll have JUST ONE chocolate". LIES!! You know you're going on a binge! COME ON! MAKE OUT!! It's 4am and I'm ridiculously hyper from the aforementioned chocolate binge and I'm sitting here shaking in frustration that there are no more pages. PLEASE!! UPDATE!!
NOOOOOO He can't cut his hair! I love his long hair!
Guys with long hair are so hot when they can make it work for them
I agree with Samdyn. Haru's mom is totally awesome. I'm going to be like her, have lots of girls and hope my sons are gay so I can ogle their boyfriends... or something. LOL
My forehead is actually starting to hurt from all the face-palms. Sigh. Haru's such a ditz.