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Hi my name is Jon and I'm the creator of Dungeon Hordes. Dungeon Hordes was a project that has been in my head for quite awhile and now I feel it's time to share it with the world.

The humor is mostly R.P.G based and the art is heavily influenced by the classic chibi art within the 1980's Nintendo manuals.

So I hope you enjoy Dungeon Hordes as much as I enjoy writing it.

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    Jonathan Murdock
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Sounds like a pleasant place.
My worst nightmare!
Man down . . .we got a man down!!!
Merfish guy is one bad mutha fish . . .guy.
Carry on my wayward penguin.
Time for a new quest!
Someones in trouble and it's not me.
I don't know why he didn't use this earlier.
The Hordes always have a blast.
Pumpkin pie does sound good.
I became enlightened by this as well.
Don't worry Tiggz, we'll find him.
I like this guy!
Tomes and his inner turmoil.
I lost a dear friend who used to accompany me on my Dungeon Horde exploits . . . a small mouse named Oreo. As I drew up the latest strip, I would have this enchanting creature who in this life took up the form of a mouse watch my every pencil and ink stroke with great interest. My shoulder feels empty without her perched on it and it was quite hard to get through it. . . but the show must go on. Let's see if Tiggz has found Tomes, and what trouble we can get him into. In the meantime I'm looking into a Sunday tribute for my absent friend.
Good haul.
Time for some dungeon counseling.
Daddy Nooo!!
It's a great place to eat after a good prison break.