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The Mighty Darcy distributes justice as she sees fit. All hail the Dom Queen.
The sudden "I fucked up" on his face, matched by Izzy's "You fucked Up" is amazeballs.
Sadly, having had to deal with my druggy brother, not gonna be surprised when he dies.
December 28th, 2017
Oh cool, Howies moving in with a total fuckstick.
@ChosenChaos: fair point, the Commissar is simply too Noble to spill imperium blood
This page is awesome. The Commissar who hates blood just threatened to execute someone, and he meant it.
Izzy was shot there, lots of gunshot victims have their wounds tattoo'd.
Abel has powers, I'm thinking this is more for Team Rocket's protection, than his. Like the whole "I will Find you, and I will Kill You" bit from Taken, Addy's eyes just back that up.
Still not a huge fan of him, but, at least he's trying to do the right thing.
I'm kinda surprised by Mulligan, in a good way.
Love the Sunstone drop there, super good reference.
See no problem with the minor style change, if it helps you out, how can we complain. Been following you for a looooooong time, ain't goin nowhere
The Eye Twitch just sells this. "Wtf is that... OH GOD"
Can't wait for the comic to continue!
March 26th, 2013
Jinx, I suddenly love you. Been reading this comic for some time, it's always amazing!
Oh Mulligan. I want to buy you a new hat. You look weird without.
Woohoo! New Page. Also, I'm calling Dibs on Remco's Hat.
I have a feeling unlucky 13 is going to be short a few more teeth soon, Da?
+fave. Just read it all. Want more. Love this comic.
Front Row show, hell yes. Login it.
-Nikita K