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Lets just hope she doesn't break her Nico Nico Kneecaps on Big Bois face.
And then they all got Herpes. The End.
He looks healthy, and happy, this is an improvement.
Man, this comic just keeps getting better.
I volunteer for the Key Manati Military Police, on the prerequisite that I be allowed to round up Illegal Corporations.
Dammit, should have just let her mustard gas herself.
So entirely proud of Peter's growth as a character. Amazing job, really.
The scariest part of this all, is people like this really exist.
He's not going to get back up from that one, for at least a long time.
This.... This isn't going to go well is it.
Please just fucking kill her.
@wartooth makes sense, thanks for clarifying
So.... Is the main character a guy, or a girl, cause it keeps flip flop ING
The most annoying character, finally gets some. Now if only that magic trick came with a throat punch.
I am incredibly curious what time frame this comic resides in. Blue box text doesn't bode well for Mulligan.
Just found this comic, and I'm super surprised you don't have more followers. Great work so far.
Great page. Little puns like that are always welcome.
The Mighty Darcy distributes justice as she sees fit. All hail the Dom Queen.
The sudden "I fucked up" on his face, matched by Izzy's "You fucked Up" is amazeballs.
Sadly, having had to deal with my druggy brother, not gonna be surprised when he dies.