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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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Just want to point out that this is just a cover story. Chapter 13 Page 47 he did a pretty good job at drawing a human face. Unless he meant he can't do full body, I'll admit hands can be hard af.
Length can be use to stress out how importation something is (or in Jojo's case how bad of a beatdown a series of punches is). From my understanding at least for western comics is that smaller group of panels means everything is extremely fast pace, basically how combat would be in real time in a DnD game. If the event is slow pace and uneventful you can just draw it in a few panels such as a sunset. Of course context matters but those are the guidelines as I understand them personally. Not sure what guidelines you personally use but they seem to be working out well as your pages always look nice.
I love the shark-like smile.
If you going to try a new techniques then now is a good time to be honest. As an artist you can always pull something out of your ass like "the style change is to reflect how Atty is going to the dark side" or something. So don't worry too much about it. =P
No Mega? Also dealing with gas is better then taking a spike through the chest whenever you give it a hug.
@Chasyn: I personally don't find the Land Mermaid depressing, they are a survivor just dealing with life, you know? Some people gotta live like that day by day. I wouldn't call it hopeful but I also wouldn't call it depressing, a weird balance between the two where things can be better but also much worst. Land Mermaid could be a way to describe such a weird mood that lack a name.
@Caio: Was thinking this myself. Jesse & James use disguises but even they (somehow even if literally impossible to do so such as when wearing swimwear) keep their uniform underneath.
Love the designs. They kinda lose some of the Blacephalon's colorfulness but for the better imo and in a way where it still make sense. I like Wickalon's bulb as it remind me of of those special Christmas lights that use both light and shadows to create a special effect.
Love your sense of humor. Bet you are the type of person who still chuckles whenever they see FELLOW RAPTOR.
Doofos is a good name though Taurrel look more like a mad doofus in comparison. I can see Doofos being a sweetie if a trainer treat it right while Taurrel could be a lovable goof in his own right.
Only criticism is that the Mega look too much alike to the normal form despite it should be much more dangerous. Beside that I like the designs overall.
Love the expressions.
I like how hard you must had went to avoid doing it weird pair of balls/tits.
It might be because I'm so used to tropes at this point but I am super glad you wrote the hidden hover text thing. Often we forget that shit could literally just be that simple and there isn't some super deep meaning or superpower of friendship bull in play.
10/10 design. I love the fact that Savinch have little tiny wings. I might be super bias as the Sandshrew line is one of my favorite lines though.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Nevertheless it does look amazing though. I wish the arm wasn't in the way of the tail though.
I dislike it when people go "newer Pokemon are way over-design!" ignoring the fact the early Pokemon were only as simple as they were due to limitations. For fusing two complex designs together though you ended up with something that almost look too simple in comparison though it look extremely cool nevertheless. Feel like you could had done way more with it but "less is more" applies as well. Like I'm trying to say it look amazing but somehow I expected something different. It kinda look like a Druddigon wearing a Zekrom hat or a simpler Zekrom recolored to look like a Druddigon. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't criticism. I just expressing my thoughts as it come to me. I'm not disliking it one bit. Once again I personally think it look amazing but I get such a weird feeling from it. Like you drew something totally different and it didn't work out so you ended up with this design instead. Kinda like a gut feeling moment going on.
Short story is that art is subjective and no matter what anything can be art. That is also kinda the issue though as "art" had been thrown away multiple times in museums because the janitor couldn't tell it apart from literal trash. Modern art aside though I feel most people draw a line somewhere but that is their personal line to be drawn. To H0ly my misshapen drawing of a person might be more of a doodle than art but to someone who only draw stick people it could be art to them. I think everybody have different standards. Artirus judge art by personal skill in recreating the subject where Ponyta fetish club guy don't see the point of just recreating something as in his eyes you may as well trace or in his paraphrase words just take a photo of it instead and value doing something new over raw skills. In a way they both have a fair point. Personally I'm on Articus's side on this one as they both can be art and ponyta guy have no right to talk down on one style and assume his favorite style is somehow an exception. Beside as modern art had prove Articus isn't wrong in his opinions.
I think you took fusing slightly more literally here. Look nightmarish in a good way. Totally be one of those Pokemon with creepy dex entries though.
@Bouncer: Same, I blame the mustache though.