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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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Cool, get to see those dragon cows again.
Often people who play the act of the fool are often the smartest people you can meet at the end of the day. Can't say this is always true but from my experiences that always seem to be the case.
I honestly forgot this time. Good job on remembering!
Dying pen effect look great tbh. Make me wonder if artists just keep like a set of near dead pens "just in case".
Guess my reread gotta wait a little bit longer, good thing I saw your comment on the last page. It will be interesting to reread the whole comic though once I know some inner secrets from the epilogue so I'm kinda hype all over again.
Kinda became a snail in the process but "to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life" bit made it make sense.
@Guest: My day is going great, thank you for asking. I'm going to wait til the next update before I reread it given that is H0ly suggestion.

@H0lyhandgrenade: Once you update the comic next week don't forget to set the comic to "completed" so it don't count down from the last update.
Looking at it I would had guess it was copy and pasted but memory have a habit of remembering things better than how they really are. Once this ends I'll be rereading it from the start and hopefully I will understand it better on my 2nd go around but I'm sure I will notice your improvement while doing so. Anyway I respect artists who choose to redraw over just copy and paste otherwise it could lead to out of place moments, Naruto flashbacks are a good example where the quality just suddenly change.
Cute and a gif too!. Nice job. Mewtwo look upset, maybe because Mew is better at it? Maybe if he isn't slamming so hard to cause blue shockwaves unlike Mew he would sound better?
As an April Fools joke you should have George draw a whole page of the comic, hand written text and all, just to play it off as being completely normal.
A missed chance of doing an art contest (with context of it being shown off in your comic as being awful of course) for people who genuinely can't do art but want to show off what little talent they do have.
Cupid but mostly Dasher overall.
Does the guy ever shut up? Took up the whole page.
@Vixenkiba: Just because you said that I hope the next page is just a comic relief scene of a guard just asking "is he dead?" and another one poking him with the blunt end of a spear.
Just want to point out that this is just a cover story. Chapter 13 Page 47 he did a pretty good job at drawing a human face. Unless he meant he can't do full body, I'll admit hands can be hard af.
Length can be use to stress out how importation something is (or in Jojo's case how bad of a beatdown a series of punches is). From my understanding at least for western comics is that smaller group of panels means everything is extremely fast pace, basically how combat would be in real time in a DnD game. If the event is slow pace and uneventful you can just draw it in a few panels such as a sunset. Of course context matters but those are the guidelines as I understand them personally. Not sure what guidelines you personally use but they seem to be working out well as your pages always look nice.
I love the shark-like smile.
If you going to try a new techniques then now is a good time to be honest. As an artist you can always pull something out of your ass like "the style change is to reflect how Atty is going to the dark side" or something. So don't worry too much about it. =P
No Mega? Also dealing with gas is better then taking a spike through the chest whenever you give it a hug.
@Chasyn: I personally don't find the Land Mermaid depressing, they are a survivor just dealing with life, you know? Some people gotta live like that day by day. I wouldn't call it hopeful but I also wouldn't call it depressing, a weird balance between the two where things can be better but also much worst. Land Mermaid could be a way to describe such a weird mood that lack a name.