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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.

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Comment on Chapter 10: Page 39 of It's a hard life
Zelkova, 24 Apr 2014 03:59 pm
Yea I noticed that Bellsprout. I was just assuming it was a little easter egg/joke for one of your underused Pokemon.

Starting with page 29 of this chapter you have it show up at least once per page minus page 35 (I assume the speech bubble was covering it or did you forget to add it?)
Comment on [Page] 464 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Zelkova, 24 Apr 2014 02:04 pm
@Poke'slash: O yea. Fair point.
Comment on [Page] 464 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Zelkova, 23 Apr 2014 05:42 am
Kiara is afraid of pits. Do whirlpools count? They are basically water pits. To be fair most people would be scare of a giant whirlpool so it may be hard to tell.
Comment on Episode 18, Page 5 of Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode
Zelkova, 22 Apr 2014 01:07 pm
Normally I could call you out for having such a cheap way to keep you from boxing like normal but then again Bill is one of your Pokemon so in a way it as legit as it will ever be. Is Bill actually counted as being caught though? I honestly can't remember. Thanks for updating on this site, mainly posting just to let you know someone is still reading.
Comment on Mewtwo's a cat~ of This is a Comic About Mewtwo
Zelkova, 19 Apr 2014 01:57 pm
@Lupasolis: O wow, that is neat. Amazing detail.
Comment on You Don't Get To Leave of Nix's FireRed Nuzlocke
Zelkova, 18 Apr 2014 09:43 pm
Loving that Nidoqueen shading.

I had to Google to see if "soing" was even a word. I'm not sure if that is a typo or just the way she talks. Anyway like I said on the news message feel free to take all of the time you need. You update pretty regularly and I like the quality over quantity that this comic been giving so far.
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30 of It's a hard life
Zelkova, 18 Apr 2014 01:46 am
I like the FAQ answer "No. There will be no romance in this comic." Nice plan, I kinda get tired of comics that do nothing but shipping just to keep it entertaining. You actually focus on the story and use that to keep it entertaining which I highly respect and honestly should be standard but sadly isn't.
Comment on [Page] 463 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Zelkova, 15 Apr 2014 10:55 pm
Nice starlight in the water thing.
Comment on [Page] 462 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Zelkova, 12 Apr 2014 11:26 pm
@Pokemontrainergigi: Wow, I gotta start using filters and patterns if it can do all of that.

I keep forgetting that gradients are a thing that can actually look nice. They generally are used to make a quick background. I guess like any other tool it can be used lazily or to create great looking effects. =P Thanks for explaining all of that. For the record I mainly wanted to know the middle panel and top panel light blue effect.
Comment on [Page] 462 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Zelkova, 12 Apr 2014 08:18 pm
Love the water effects. What brush or whatever you used?

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