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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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Only HOly can turn a folklore tale into Jerry Springer and still have it make sense and be better.
That Meowth doesn't even look like he is enjoying himself, he kinda just look confused.
I like that you care about each and every page. If you ever publish this as a physical thing it would totally pay off in the long run when people can read it all in one go. Also semi-related, do you ever thought about going back at some point and up the quality or maybe edit things outright when it comes to some of the earlier pages? Your art always been amazing but you been improving non-stop that it amaze me that I never noticed until I decide to go back and reread from the beginning.
I'm guessing being able to control the void is the power to control "the lack of" something. There is an interesting anime call Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) where a character can phase through walls and become undetectable in any possible way (literally make themselves not exist within the world in any form) but if they push themselves too far they can cease to exist. It is an extreme side character though where they really only show it off in a single episode. The episode works as a standalone if you just want to see how they did it but I believe it was episode 4 of the 2nd season. The two different seasons go by different names but it shouldn't be too far to find. If you do decide to watch the whole anime there is no harm in watching that episode in advance, for the most part the anime is a slice of life in a weird world full of weird superpowered/supernatural people so it is kinda all over the place with few episodes even effecting each other.
Love Jet's eyes on the last two panels. Be like "that flame almost went up my nose."

If I recall I made a character so hopefully he somewhere in the world you had created. If not he might be traveling, been forever but I believe I wanted his job to be a mailman so it is possible he could always be traveling if not in a town.
Fun idle game but I wish the user have more input beside for the starter selection. Kinda more of a Zero Player Game than an idle game like Progress Quest. Something as simple as telling the game "hey I want to focus more on bug Pokemon if possible" instead of having the lured pokemon completely set in stone would make a huge difference. As for your sprites I do like your shadow Mewtwos, they look cool. I normally don't care for dark/shadow/light/whatever alt forms of Pokemon that most games try to do beyond shiny but for the breeding sim it works quite well as it doesn't really make a difference. It just something nice to look at once in a while. I also check the credit page of the site and saw you already had a few sprites made it in already so gratz on that.
These look amazingly cool.
Oh snap, didn't know you were asexual too. That is cool. As a kid during like middle school and into high school I felt it was odd I wasn't into girls but I knew I wasn't into guys either. Learning that being asexual was a thing was a godsend for me during high school. While some people may hate labels it can help so much when it comes to understanding yourself.
Do those tails ever end up in a knot when she wakes up? Most kitsunes I seen had fluffier tails that stand straight up. Kinda nice to see one where the tails are actual tails. Also a shame the tails are blocking most of her, I kinda want to see how that shoe (assuming it is a flip flop or one of those Japanese wooden shoes) works with those fox feet.
Well Jet at least try.
Honestly beside the face (and even then that would be pushing it) you can hardly tell it is Mewtwo in a good way. It look so good it could potentially pass as a new original character though with that said you can clearly see how it is inspired by Mewtwo regardless. Love the patterning on the arms and the shading around the neck area. Also love how the magical effect doubles as a background, well done. Honestly can only give good criticism as this piece is amazingly done and you make it so easy to list everything that went so right with it.
Honestly if you don't mind doing so I would love if you made a video just going through all of your own pages of the comic giving trivial facts and such while you go. I bet there is a ton of stuff you yourself had forgotten at this point and might be fun looking back at them.
in a world of magic who is to say he still can't be the king? Like he did turn straw into gold.
Atty pissed face say it all. "I can't believe you did that after that talk you little inexcusable shit."
@Pokemontrainergigi: Of course, exactly how I remembered it.
Be strong for mother. Nice ref.
H0ly I always love your comments. Like you usually never notice something if it look good in terms of poses, you generally only ever notice the bad. Your comments always remind me that real work was put into the page to make it unquestionable. I'm grateful for all of the work you do given these comics are free to the public but it is hard to notice the small things when the small things fit in so well. You never will get enough good criticism for how much work and love you put into these pages but I would like to note you don't because there is really nothing that can be said beyond you are doing an amazing job. So keep it up.
Only saying this because you pointed it out but that is a lovely chandelier. I always take the massive amount of details for granted until I sit and think about how much of a pain in the ass it must been just for people like myself to not even generally notice it.
lol don't know why but I kinda assume all girls wear a nightgown to bed as kinda a default thing. I guess some ladies would want to sleep naked as much as any guy though so it make sense now that I think about it.