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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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I assume before H0ly coward out it was a zoom in fisheye lens type of view, maybe with a downward look. The kind you often see when anime characters are being extremely creepy.
Best animal.
Good luck on all of your projects.
@H0lyhandgrenade: In a world of magic you don't have to explain shit. The hoods are enchanted with one-way eye holes is my favorite theory though.
Better than jail time. To be fair though pretty sure all of that was sexual harassment, might have to send an aggressive letter later on.
I just noticed that you can pretty much find every arc of the story with a graphical clue. Bandage, black eye, lack of sleep, rocket uniform, ect. It seem like there is always something new with Atty's looks whenever something new happens. Not sure if that is intentional or H0ly just like drawing something new and long lasting once in a while and it just shows.
Not sure how many soccer moms you would get on a Pokemon based web comic but I think if someone would be offended it would be when you had a Pidgey ran over with a lawnmower or when you burn down a forest filled with animals to burn to death. Like I am pretty sure you pass the point where someone who would be offended would even still be reading anyway.

Not sure what a bum kid would do with a cigarette beside smoke it but I would feel he took it because it is literally better than nothing and more importantly to reinforce the mindset of being evil.
Madoka Magica is so good. There are three movies, the first two is just a retelling of the anime series but the 3rd is it own thing. Personally I dislike the movie and like to think of the anime ending to be canon but it is still worth a watch nevertheless.

Also I just became aware of something, your original characters have so much fan-like official art done of them but still kinda lack a story. Once people become aware of what type of characters they are they might want to go back and revisit all of the art you done of them pre-story. If this was tumblr you could had just tagged them but I'm not sure how easily it would be to go back and find all of the art you did of them over the years on Smackjeeves.
Exeggutor's right most head (on the page) is basically how I feel whenever a friend drag me into something I don't want to be part of.
Knowing how to aim with a bow or do what speedrunners do and throw a firebomb I believe just right at the core is so much easier than trying to do it "legit".
Normally I just lurk but wow I gotta comment about that amazing way you did the panels, mostly the first and second ones with the paw in-between setting up the action scene. Really add to the pacing and show how quickly he tackle in that moment. Also love the wet dog look on the last panel.
Yea, gotta be careful of what you can and can not leak. Not only you could get fired because of it but depending on any contracts you may had signed you could get into huge legal trouble for it. Also I didn't know you were so busy. I guess it was the worst possible time for me to sent that TL;DR PM, whoops. Gratz on the job though.
September 17th, 2017
Comic is fine but the images under it (guessing the next arrow and such) are saying you can't host photobucket images on 3rd party sites. Photobucket is extremely outdated, you should fix that.
Nice to see that this is still alive.
I love this so much. This picture is so freaking neato.
Never noticed they had tiny cute wings.
DT is hot. Real question though @H0lyhandgrenade if you don't mind answering. Your alt text for the page got me thinking, had anyone ever gotten the balls to try to commission some lewd stuff from you? Like clearly you are a great artist who know how to do comics, there must been at least one guy right?
@H0lyhandgrenade: I'm not that guest but I just wanna say it is lovely to see someone who is open for criticism and love that you are such a person. It is embarrassing but there are a ton of "artist" who are well known for blocking and hating anyone who say anything even slightly negative even if it is out of love and is for the better for the long run. Dat run on sentence though.
Atty drawing his favorite Pokemon like one of his French girls while ignoring all of the reference potential right in front of him.
While it may not been the pointy end the non-pointy end can still hurt like hell.