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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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Do those tails ever end up in a knot when she wakes up? Most kitsunes I seen had fluffier tails that stand straight up. Kinda nice to see one where the tails are actual tails. Also a shame the tails are blocking most of her, I kinda want to see how that shoe (assuming it is a flip flop or one of those Japanese wooden shoes) works with those fox feet.
Well Jet at least try.
Honestly beside the face (and even then that would be pushing it) you can hardly tell it is Mewtwo in a good way. It look so good it could potentially pass as a new original character though with that said you can clearly see how it is inspired by Mewtwo regardless. Love the patterning on the arms and the shading around the neck area. Also love how the magical effect doubles as a background, well done. Honestly can only give good criticism as this piece is amazingly done and you make it so easy to list everything that went so right with it.
Honestly if you don't mind doing so I would love if you made a video just going through all of your own pages of the comic giving trivial facts and such while you go. I bet there is a ton of stuff you yourself had forgotten at this point and might be fun looking back at them.
in a world of magic who is to say he still can't be the king? Like he did turn straw into gold.
Atty pissed face say it all. "I can't believe you did that after that talk you little inexcusable shit."
@Pokemontrainergigi: Of course, exactly how I remembered it.
Be strong for mother. Nice ref.
H0ly I always love your comments. Like you usually never notice something if it look good in terms of poses, you generally only ever notice the bad. Your comments always remind me that real work was put into the page to make it unquestionable. I'm grateful for all of the work you do given these comics are free to the public but it is hard to notice the small things when the small things fit in so well. You never will get enough good criticism for how much work and love you put into these pages but I would like to note you don't because there is really nothing that can be said beyond you are doing an amazing job. So keep it up.
Only saying this because you pointed it out but that is a lovely chandelier. I always take the massive amount of details for granted until I sit and think about how much of a pain in the ass it must been just for people like myself to not even generally notice it.
lol don't know why but I kinda assume all girls wear a nightgown to bed as kinda a default thing. I guess some ladies would want to sleep naked as much as any guy though so it make sense now that I think about it.
Dude you are your own person and doing this comic for free. I don't think anyone can complain if you wish to draw something else. Use YOUR time as you wish, you only get get so much time in a life.
People beat me to it but at first to be honest I thought that was Gary Oak. Good job at drawing in the Pokemon anime style.
Venus's possible nature is Hasty, Rash or possibly Quirky or maybe the term nature used in the comic doesn't automatically mean ingame mechanics.
Love the first three (all of them are good but my favorites are the first three and I simply can't choose between them). I'll also 2nd the 3rd one should be your new profile picture. But for anyone who didn't check out the references do totally look at the toe beans one. It is amazing to see that and the fact it is a hairless cat make it that much more amazing to see.
@natuko_hom: I'll 2nd that. Many comic artists leave joke/extra panels in the author's comment section as it own image for when they want to play around but without having the joke be canon. I would love to see H0ly just goofing off with some of the characters.
Octogre sass face is strong.
@Pokemontrainergigi: I think that is extremely common. I often find myself fusing sentences or typing a word twice like: "honestly I love nothing more than red panda honestly" instead of just deciding where exactly I want the word.
Onno design is cool. Kinda a swimming night sky. Also not sure if you had play Starbound but fish race is the best race.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Thanks for taking the time to explain your process. It still amaze me you still doing things traditionally. I thought you jump ship to pure digital a while back to be honest but I guess I was wrong. Your editing is extremely nice and the pages look more cleaner compare to the earlier pages of say the Mokepon comic when it was much more clearly hand drawn so you can't really blame me for thinking so, right? I guess for a traditional artist like yourself doing it by hand and editing it as required is still much faster then just learning how to draw pure digitally.