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I love red pandas and cute things.

Avatar was made by the lovely Pokemontrainergigi. Giving credit where credit is due.
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Love how this look but is this an official part of your Fusion Project or just it own thing for the sake of the collaboration? It look amazing though and more of a fan of the Fighter over the Druid personally. Also feel like forever since your last post, hope you are doing fine.
People here assume she will even notice. Let's be honest, even if she could tell something was missing how in the hell would she pinpoint exactly what it was?
lol was getting worried about you tbh. Was thinking of sending a PM just to see if you were still alive but couldn't think of a good ice breaker to start it off with. Nice to see you still remember us on Smackjeeves.

I love how it look like it is made out of wood but look like it would be the heavy kind of wood, the kind that could not be moved even if half rotted away.
Good luck on the move. Take all of the time you need.
I said this once before but I do love your art commentary.
George suddenly became aware she wasn't the protag. She was in fact the side character that is meant to help the protag but failed at that.
I love the extra effort you put into your work. Even it might be unnoticeable to some the fact you redrew things means they won't be exact between panels. It will be different enough on the same face to give a sense of life. Just like how our real life faces may not change by a huge amount between a few seconds but are technically different due to any movement even if slight compare to before. I believe I said this once before (though it might been on Mokepon) but the more perfect you make something the less someone would question it. Any lack of notice is due to the fact it isn't uncanny enough to cause anyone to notice in the first place. It is so easy to point out the bad but it is extremely hard to acknowledged when something is done right as it is expected.

Always love when you give commentary may it be alt image text or author's comment as it always make me aware of the effort you put where I would normally be ignorance of.
I like how the mouth doubles as a neck and mini head depending on how you look at it. Like you use the design of one and form it to the design of the other and it worked wonderfully.
Cool, get to see those dragon cows again.
Often people who play the act of the fool are often the smartest people you can meet at the end of the day. Can't say this is always true but from my experiences that always seem to be the case.
I honestly forgot this time. Good job on remembering!
Dying pen effect look great tbh. Make me wonder if artists just keep like a set of near dead pens "just in case".
Guess my reread gotta wait a little bit longer, good thing I saw your comment on the last page. It will be interesting to reread the whole comic though once I know some inner secrets from the epilogue so I'm kinda hype all over again.
Kinda became a snail in the process but "to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life" bit made it make sense.
@Guest: My day is going great, thank you for asking. I'm going to wait til the next update before I reread it given that is H0ly suggestion.

@H0lyhandgrenade: Once you update the comic next week don't forget to set the comic to "completed" so it don't count down from the last update.
Looking at it I would had guess it was copy and pasted but memory have a habit of remembering things better than how they really are. Once this ends I'll be rereading it from the start and hopefully I will understand it better on my 2nd go around but I'm sure I will notice your improvement while doing so. Anyway I respect artists who choose to redraw over just copy and paste otherwise it could lead to out of place moments, Naruto flashbacks are a good example where the quality just suddenly change.
Cute and a gif too!. Nice job. Mewtwo look upset, maybe because Mew is better at it? Maybe if he isn't slamming so hard to cause blue shockwaves unlike Mew he would sound better?
As an April Fools joke you should have George draw a whole page of the comic, hand written text and all, just to play it off as being completely normal.
A missed chance of doing an art contest (with context of it being shown off in your comic as being awful of course) for people who genuinely can't do art but want to show off what little talent they do have.
Cupid but mostly Dasher overall.