I love red pandas and cute things.

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Blazard remind me of something (beside Pokemon of course) but I can't put my finger on it.
Just wondering but what would you do if someone submitted an outright dickish move like having a character throw another off the edge? Would you ignore it or seriously think about it? I have no plans to do such, was just curious.
@H0lyhandgrenade: If this was going to be the first chapter then is it safe to assume this was going to be a short comic thing but you decided to make it a full blown thing? Or do you just like to storyboard out of order?

On that note what happened to your comic that used to be a group of short stories? I like quite a few of them such as the zombies with the roller skates.
Worst thing he had done is that he didn't give fish a chance in a gym that it is weak to. For shame!
2nding for eyeless. Creepy and anonymous. Faceless would go extremely well with the "I'm not an individual" ideal.

As for tails, there is a way you can hide it without armor. Just use a cloak, doesn't have to be a full body cloak either, just waist down. http://img08.deviantart.net/4d49/i/2012/195/9/1/mmd_waist_cape_by_minamimoto777-d57 9du2.jpg Basically just a cloak for your butt but without being a full on skirt. Fluffier tails I guess would have to be forced to be tied in a more of a bun shape while wearing the armor or else the cloak would have to be touching the ground to be hiding anything which isn't good for movement. Edit: for the image be sure to remove the space between the p and g at the end, for whatever reason the site auto space that.
Become your own Bob Ross, instead of happy little trees you can add happy little ducks.
Mew Mix is clever.
Awww, no chicken hat.
Chicken-Chan wouldn't be Chicken-Chan without her hat. Just like how Ruby isn't Ruby without his hair/hat/questionmark combo.
In terms of designs they seem extremely complex which is fitting given what they are and how you made them. GG. With that said they aren't bad looking at all. Could still pass off as Pokemon easily.
@Guest: Rat is male assuming H0ly is smart enough to know the gender differences. Female Pikachus have a heart shape tip for their tails.
I too know the power of naps and oversleeping. My naps generally aren't much of a nap when I get like 8 hours in.
Pretty sure Rat is just going to be a running gag to be an anti-Ash thing. Instead of being the best it will be a standard (maybe slightly worst) Pikachu. Compare to the already evolved DT and already beating the water gym Rat at this point is pretty much done before he even got started. Only hope is getting evolved himself.
1. That elite member look old as hell. Good job.

2. on the 4th gengar image it look like you spill jelly on the comic. Cool looking effect but almost look too 3D, amazing.
Your dex info made me sad. I thought Paras for once get to avoid the mushroom mind control thing but you decided to put it inside the rock. Love how Crusect look so happy but have lifeless eyes. Nice touch, he is literally dead in the inside.
Be honest you just copy&paste the face and just edit the eyes right? There is a diff between being "a professional" and just wasting your time and in this case I think it was excusable so I can't say I blame you. =P

Shocked > Flirty > Silly > the rest

Silly and Pleased is virtually the same though with the odd difference of silly being blue where pleased is white. Beyond that though for the most part I see enough of a difference where I can't say there are two exactly the same.
Darn, I thought I knew the language as soon as I saw it but there isn't enough characters.

It reminded me of a code I used to use with high school friends. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigpen_cipher only we also made spaces dots so spacing doesn't get weird. See the wikipedia example then look back at your comic page to see why I thought it could been it.

Translated to Pigpen cipher though your door heading would say Ylzp or Rlzp with the last character being unknown.
Going to call it. Pikachu will come in and act like the anime Pikachu vs Raichu fight only the anime is stupid and video game logic mean Raichu by default is better than Pikachu (when ignoring massive grind or hold items) so it will lose yet once again. DT will come in to be the true hero.
Oh god, I love this fusion a little too much. It make almost too much sense of how you did it.