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ooohhhhh I see know it's a flash forward !!!
I miss your failure
November 1st, 2011
double shit on a stick.
lol thats how I felt in spanish it was funny because my spanish teacher was German , her name was mrs. Vanderluff
sleepp sucks taking away 1/3 of my life >:0
the suspense is killing me!! D:
:)or maby just more checker board keyboards reminds me of 1st grade.
It's a comment
I wantt to see more confetti and failure !!
hope in futile that he stays down I'm starting to really like John.
maby he's a secret junk collector
here too ? I thought you where only on drunk duck :O
didn't see that coming..
nooo I'v finally caught up with the story ;_; as said befor your art and story line are incredible and im a huge fan of your work !
hey your on jeeeves too, thats good DD sn't always reliable