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I love What About Love? so much. With the ex and the attitudes and all, it really gives it an homest, genuine feel, with the added bonus of pretty guy boys and no shyness about the dirty without making it the focal point. I want it back. If that is in a game form, if that is a webcomic, I'm in. I don't know if that means it would still have adult content and I'd be sad to let that go if it wouldn't, but I just want it back.
October 26th, 2015
Yes! I'm happy to see this!
I bet she sends out an ice type
He's my favorite gym leader ever!
Okay, Luke is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. He's so happy, but not obnoxiously so, and his first impression of sanity is refreshing. I like him.
It's so awesome!
I loved you original! I haven't changed my icon once. R-18 will be missed XD but hey! I get more of Daiki and Shouta and Hisato and Seiyuu and all my favorites!
His hair is perfect. Then again, so is he. I love this Link.
Baseball? That would be fun to see.
It looks great!
Wait wait wait. I went to look at your old art today and in it I find this. This beautiful thing! It's back! I read the whole thing today. Next time you update, I'll catch it! Good to see you return!
It's definitely vanilla
As I said...
"I'm placing a platinum that says he gets whooped or stopped from fighting in the next panel"

There's a platinum that isn't going to the Rath Medical Fund.
I'm placing a platinum that says he gets whooped or stopped from fighting in the next panel
I love box-chan!
I'm loving this comic
Why do I get the feeling Emery is somehow involved in this?