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I like pokemon, drawing, Animal Crossing, playing flute, reading sci-fi and classic novels, writing, animals, the warriors series, American dragon, Avatar the last airbender, reading comics about my favorite things, and volleyball.
@Tehpikachu: thanks! I do really appreciate your criticism. A lot of these were made far a head of posting, so you'll continue to see this for a little while, but i will be more careful in the future
Daww steven's so adorable
Thats alot of peridots. How does anyone deal with the sheer amount of sarcasm from all of them
It's Because your backpack booked its flight early enough to afford first class tickets, steven
Could be worse. Could have spilled something on her chair.
Peridot needs a chill pill
Sorry this took so long...enjoy!
Just a quick drawing of Eamon
@QR47: thanks!
on to the first chapter!
last page of the prologue. things are gonna get a bit more interesting
here we go!
first page up! hope you guys like it!
*gasp* whats this?! an actual background?!? OH NOOOOOOO! XD
I feel bad for that poor cat Iggy tackled, but no one is alowed to ever hurt flying mint bunny. Anyways tell me what you think!
as all hetalia fans know america is petrified of ghosts. I thought that during the great battle would be the only time he would get close to facing said fears (ie lashing out at anything that sneaks up behind him) because during that time he would be practically surrounded by ghost, therefor if he tried to run he would just end up running into another one.(this is just a thought)
also that other cat in the first panel is just some random living supporter of the dark forrest.
Introducing Canada! Yes he looks almost exactly like America, his human form does so I only saw it fitting that his cat form does too. Anyways remember closer to the end of night whispers before Flametail died, some cats asked him to play a game with them on the ice. when they were describing how to play the game it sounded exactly like a simple version of Hockey, and when they dubbed it "Preystone" I started laughing and thinking if I was there I would have yelled, "It's called hockey you idiots!" and well, I think canada would do the same, only more...harsh.
Something tells me this would happen a lot with america around. Well, I guess it means thunder clan isn't going hungry for a while!
And yes, in my mind England and America would both be members of thunder clan. Oh the head aches America must give Jayfeather!
(PS the two other cats are berrynose and lionblaze)
Greece would be the leader of his own clan seeing as he has plenty of loyal warriors from the Greek Army! ALL HAIL GREECESTAR! XD
BTW I'm not quite sure if there is an official design for cat greece, so I mad my own. if there is an official design, please tell me and link me a pic. thanks!
The warrior cats probably would think most of the countries would be crazy with their different languages and weird accents. anyways tell me what you think!
Like warrior cats and hetalia? then this is the comic for you!

on smackjeeves:

on deviantart:
Something tells me America would have a big problem with the tribe of rushing water! Remember when the Tribe was first introduced and they showed the journeying cats how to catch eagles? yeah, I can just imagine America throwing a hissy fit(no pun intended) and yelling at them about it.