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I have an awkward obsession with Batman and men in suits, I love the rainbow and all it's awesomeness, I like soccer and my hobbies are drawing, being a giant douche, and writing. Basically, I'm awesome~ suck it. :D
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Are Red and Blue (Are those even their names?) together? If not, It'd be cute. Probably only me.
What even.
How exciting.
Joseph looks like a mix between Loki and Snape. It's a good thing.
I have a song for this. :D It's called 'The Sound of Madness' by Shinedown.
@Loverofpiggies: We shall one day dress just like them. This is the future.
I like your drawing style. It's pretty. And it makes me jealous.
Oh, oh my. I just died a little inside. :/ Or a lot.

Pretty artwork though~ :3

That's how I feel all the time~ :D