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I like books, I read them, write them. That's about it.
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November 27th, 2011
I like the coloring on this page.
Wish I could be a dragon instead. Rawr.
We can thank "Teen Mom" and the like for the high-fiving. Mainstream media means it's "cool". *grumble* *mutter* *inane ramblings*
She's kinda like me. Feel bad even when you're doing something against your will.
And Down goes Theo. Do Vampires bruise? Because he's going to have a whole map of them.
Drake, Joan, and Theo were all running from guardsmen. They ran down an alley way and jumped in 3 Potato Bags. The guardsmen came down the alley and Ian kicked the first bag with Drake in it and he said, "Meow." So Thayne kicked the second bag with Joan in it and she said, "Ruff." Finally they kicked the last bag with Theo in it and he said, "Potato"

And, Joan, ouch! So mean to Drake D:
Oh wow. I've been away for a while :D Means I get to skip the suspense.
My heads going "spirit cannon!" in the middle panel.
As a reply to what Theodore will turn into next, only Bahamut knows :D Right now he is a sack of potatoes
Yay! Cliches!
Very well drawn btw. I can totally tell that he is bleeding profusely.
(Didja know we've now turned Theodore into C3PO, a pokemon, and Tarzan?)
Also, it's page 333. That's just awesome.
It is isn't it?

Haha, I bet Joan never thought she would be grateful to see Drake.
So if Drake gets to be a Sith what does that make Joan and Teddy? If we pretend that Drake is like, Darth Vader then I think that would make them droids. Yes. Teddy would be C3PO, and Joan would be R2-D2 (because she is more useful!)
February 16th, 2011
Drake as a Sith Lord is great image. :D
When I read this page I was like aksdjfandf Thayne and Ian are still alive!
Haha, so a Sith Lord then? Pretty cool fire, by the way.
Drake is a Jedi "I feel a disturbance in the force~"
...must...resist...saying...SUPER SAIYAN! Are a couple of red shirts going to die now?
December 26th, 2010
! Oh no! He broke the panel!.3. That will take forever to fix.
December 12th, 2010
I forgot to comment on the last one! Oops...I like how they're made of words.
Looks like the gym leader is winning :D.
Oh no! Theo!
Yes, exactly. Was people.
Joan: Theodore, I choose you!
Theodore: Theo!
I totally forgot to comment on the last page! It was going to be something about loin clothes...Oh well. The last panel, it seems like he's discussing animals :( "oh, you're the breed that can run really fast" Theo is human too! Uh...wait...Well, he's people at least.
Lol. He's probably just going to take the 100 from you.