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Oh no, HAROLD Go quickly use your lemon candy!
Those guys are such creepers, lol good luck :D
Can't wait to see another battle
I enjoy your story lines
I love the new website style i haven't been on for a while but wow! :D
Atty:Why do you smoke and you're only fourteen?
November 25th, 2011
hmmm something seems fishy...
Hey George did you forget that you almost died back there?
the only sonic games I know are on the gamecube and wii.
like Sonic adventure Battle 2 (gamecube)
and Sonic rings (wii, the game is really hard.)
Just a random thought but, if Harold has invisible ankles and assuming feet how does he get his shoes on?
I guess there's a fan that's as psycho as Wallis, i think we might see her again.
That's totally me right there. especially the reaction.
Finally an update i have been wondering whats gonna happen
I had been playing pokemon black when i started this so i decided to make it kind of like a pokemon battle so this will be fun.
Time to see their pwrs in action
Get ready 4 intense details!
happy springtime fun!
Thank you spring for coming finally!
Happy Day!
They have a point
Oh well they don't really listen.