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The term is Banshire, not Banshee; I am not allowed in an active dwelling without permission, I may not kill except for royal blood, ect...
Sprite comic writing is a hobby I picked up about two years back and have practiced regularly since. I specialize in Sonic advance format, but plan on moving into Meagaman 7 sometime.
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November 6th, 2016
Reminder--cunning merchants always keep cursed goods in stock on the off chance they get robbed. Peril be to the would-be adventurer that tries to take advantage of them.
You know how a highlight in the hair is supposed to be cool? I was gonna do that until I realized it would be easier not to. In retrospect, it just looks like some bird disrespected Garok.
Incompetence is kind of the note around here.
Yes; in all the last thirty pages I never managed to edit any more sprites for this doof. I did make some recolors for this guy soon, but I did them a pixel at a time (having not learned yet the easy way to recolor a whole sheet at once).
...Somehow, they can't get over the non-pit too.
And the gag is that this one's not more than five feet deep. Is good joke, yes?
...Whelp... I guess we aren't done with cliffs yet.
And, I think that this is the fair conclusion to this one-note joke. Yes, we can say goodbye to cliffs.
Everybody knows the rule of three. It's a good rule. If you want to really get the most of a joke, you do it four times in a row though.
This was a Sonic and Pals fancomic. In Sonic and Pals, Sonic is an idiot of colossal proportions. I thought it'd be a good joke to have him say something smart, given that site. The joke has not aged well.
In Knux's defense, Sonic did just throw him off a cliff. In Sonic's defense, Knux punched him off two cliffs. In Tail's defense... nah, he's mostly good.

By all means, throw as many stones as you like.
Knux isn't happy, the rope is gone, and Sonic is about to have a sudden stroke of brilliance.
Don't you love it when the action takes place off screen? It's an ancient art abused by lazy people the world over.
@Snow: Yes, the phrase is to "Tie it off" instead of the more logical 'tie it on'. I blame sailors and the Brits as a whole.

@Pico: Have you been reading my notes?!
Fact: flight characters weigh SIGNIFICANTLY less than power characters. Keep that in mind when devising your escape plan.
And the academy award for bad writing goes to...Adam Sandler... huh...
But we're the runner up here, so that counts for something, right?
I don't know where he got that rope, and I don't care either. If it's like everything else around here, it's trouble (easy to say, as there is so little around anywhere).
A tiny bit of explaining. I wrote this shortly after reading Sonic and Pals, and Bob and George, and thought running gags were the funniest things ever. Sonic and Pals in particular relied on that crutch to get as far as it did, and the gag in this one page is stolen from that--which in turn was stolen from Monty Python's Flying Circus (which I only watched years after I made this page).

In conclusion, don't steal other people's running gags--you'll just invoke confusion or rage in your audience.