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@Frappecinno: There already is one about these things apparently Gengars are these things shadows. Seeing this i can believe it
Can't think of a joke
I've been trying to come up with a joke with a facehugger reference but had no luck sooo. something something facehugger zubat.
August 19th, 2013
Does Ferris have fingers? cuz everyone else seems to have fingers.
Who else hear that sound from Metal Gear when they saw the "!"?
Sure was hoping for more AU chapters
I sense an "inappropriate" teacher/student relationship
Really Cute Mountie Penguin
wow I had completely forgotten this was on my faves good to see it back
Still amazed he didn't shoot himself in the back
@ChizuPloo: I don't know I can't really see another reason she would be in there. Why would she need spy stuff?
Is it really smart to have a few of those floating BEHIND HIM during his practice fire?
For some reason whenever I think of Kila the chorus of "killer queen" plays in my head(Sum 41 version). I like it.
Your explenation would explan alot. However, I was refering to two entirely separate lines Such as Dr.Frankenstein/Dr.Moreau (weird dream that actually lead me to ask about this)Although after reading your post I could agrue that this could be a single lineage.
small question
Is it possible to have a "double lineage"(decended from two or more icons and displaying characteristics of both) and if so will such a character be making an appearance?
hey listen
anyone else think of that annoying fairy from zelda when they read the last panel?
Water in all technical terms is an acid (a chemical containing hydrogen) that is all i have to this