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Darn Mingebags
Can you blame Freddy for being terrified of them?
I honestly have no idea where I'm pulling out all these strips from.
This is my first time attempting something like this in photoshop (layout and effects-wise) so some things may look a bit off.
Possibly a recurring idea.
...But sweet.
Blurred Lines
For the record, I have no idea why this strip suddenly decided to turn blurry during my absence.
No Model_7s were harmed in the making of this strip.

Actually, I'm lying, but who the hell cares? Those guys are like rabbits.
Two strip updates in as many days?!
I must be on a roll.
Not sure why I decided to do another image so soon after making a strip.
May have to add this to the Wallpapers if HAL picks up even a small fanbase.
Still trying to figure out if HAL is worth devoting a schedule to, so in the meantime I'll just be updating whenever.
Feel free to join the HAL Facebook page for updates on when new strips are out!
And we're back with a bang!

Special Thanks go to Xenon for the original idea of C17N and Trisha.
Every now and then I may make a comic that is not based on HAL.
If you would like to read them, then head on over to: in the Comics Section to check them out
For those of you that enjoy reading GMod webcomics, may I direct your attention to and their forums.
They are always looking for new people
No It's just that it's nearly the end of my college year and i have alot of work to do and I'm going away to London for a couple of days soon.
With any luck I'll be able to get a new graphics card soon
Just tried Gmod but I got some weird floating squares when I killed an npc...and then my computer got the blue screen of death.
My best guess is that I need a better graphics card than the one built into my pc but i might be able to buy one for a week or two because i have a shortage of money
BTW my steam ID is Netsforex for anyone that wants to add me
Well I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that I have a new computer to create the comics on.
The bad news is that I have to get Photoshop again, HL2.exe keeps crashing so I need to figure out what's wrong, and the graphics will be low in the comic until I can get a new GFX card (my pc only accepts PCI so it's gonna be difficult tracking one down)
Sorry nothing is active at the moment.
My graphics card is still bust and my computer is dying so I need to get a new one and a new gfx card.
As soon as I get that stuff then I can make comics again
Don't worry, it's not dead.
I just have alot of college work lately and in my spare time I have to look after my new baby cousin plus I have to learn to skin and hex, learn new layouts and draw a plan for my bedroom (for personal reasons, not the comic).
HAL will be back as soon as possible.
The Loop is being reset because alot of changes are going on.