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Lovesick Strays begins on Smackjeeves! Enjoy! :3
And now for a Side Story
Bringing this story back from the dead with a side story of how Apollo and Haelan first met. "Dawn Beyond the Rift" is a prequel story in the Echoes of Arcadia series.


Discontented with the stifling life of being the President's son, Apollo sneaks out of a meeting to explore the sights of the city. However, a chance encounter with an orphan on the run will forever change the lives of these two young men."
Haha xD there's all varying opinions on that scarf of his, although it is pretty ostentatious compared to his typical designs. But I'm generally part of the "I love Link in anything" crowd.

Although apparently (as I've learned through other commenters) the scarf is referencing a Dynasty Warriors tradition with several prominent characters wearing scarves.
C'mon you know this joke had to happen with the new game, which, I was lucky enough to grab a special edition copy @v@~

Once again apologies for such long intervals between comics as of late. My projects and work are really starting to pile up. Unfortunately, this means that something else has to be put to the side. So after this issue, the Hyrule Parody Comics will go on hiatus so I can focus on my main projects. (I can't say I'm ending it since there will always be moments where I go on zelda sprees again, but as of now, I do not know how long the hiatus will be) So there still room for another one or two more comics this issue. Thank you so much for reading thus far and enjoying the zaniness with me!
Hi! I stopped by your table at spx and was planning on buying your first book but decided to get the set instead. I definitely do not regret it at all! I'm in love with your art and your story! Cannot wait to see what happens next~♡

I haven't gotten there yet. I'm about 2 temples in? on my way to the third :)


Nooooooo in a way he makes you pay to live there xD haha
Well it certainly has been a long while since I last posted! Apologies for the wait! Although I can't guarantee the future posts to be much more frequent since I'll be working on some personal projects and these gag strips are more like fun breaks for in between.

But in the meantime, finally an ALBW strip! I did finally start the game and I must admit, as cute as Ravio is, I did kinda want to smack him for this xD; lol

Yeah. Which definitely would probably work better. I tend to run around a lot first. lol! I would probably still mess it up on a moving platform with those birds coming from both sides.

(Can't say I'm the brightest LoZ Player but that's what inspires all these comics haha xD)
So since I can't play A Link Between Worlds right now (I know, for shame on me for losing my 3DS...) I went back to playing Minish Cap and I'm almost at the end of the game. I was playing through the sky temple and does anyone remember this one passageway? I swear those birds have got to be one of the most annoying enemies in the game. I really REALLY want to hold a bonfire where we roast them all for dinner. mmm.. that'd be a load of damn fine chicken meat. *v* *drool*
Journal Comic Cameo.. Not quite Zelda but yes Zelda cuz.. this is my dilemma right now. I've been holding off playing ALBW to squeeze in some more SS and now I dunno where I put my 3DS fml =A=

While waiting for the next page, here's a (sorta) quickpaint of apollo!
@Toon Link:

omg that's cheating. it's brilliant.
I guess you can say this is somewhat of a part two to one of the first issue comics:

although to be honest, I got this idea while walking through a park in the snow, and I was thinking like, "Link's gust bellows would make a great snow blower and that would make a great business alongside cutting people's lawns." Of course it's not too far from the truth with that Skyward Sword gratitude crystal side quest cleaning out that mother's house...

Oh Zelda, look what you've reduced Link to...
This was one of those pages that start off great at the pencil stage and then totally gets ruined at the inking :/ I had quite a bit of fixing up to do on this one. =_= Nevertheless, glad I got it done. I started it before the holidays and was only able to just finish it up now.

And yes, more of Apollo's infamous "pointing" position xD I think this is a thing now.

The grannies are the deadliest.
yeah I think that's just the punny humor of Shigeru miyamoto. He probably is thinking how clever he is...
True words from my mouth. I did this part just recently (don't judge me! I'm slow!) and the Legend of Zelda bullshitery going on here was remnant of hiding a temple fairy in a beehive in a dark corner back in majora's mask *hiiiiiiiiissssssss*

but that said... I think it's pretty clear I probably did not pass that test of wit if I had to look up a guide to remind me how to roll into trees...

That, for me, generally falls under the "Convenient Amnesia" category for me. Floor masters? What? I don't know what you're talking about. *subconsciously goes to corner and rocks self to sleep*
This actually came up in conversation recently. There are so many ways to be traumatized by the Zelda series, but for some reason I remember the most stupidest things that gave me a horrible enough experience to be even more memorable than more... notable aspects. I mean, dead ghost faces? Hands that come down from the ceiling? Yeah that's scary and all.... BUT THAT PLATFORM!!! I COULD NOT JUMP IT FOR MY LIFE AND I REMEMBER ROLLING ALL OVER THE FLOOR SCREAMING BECAUSE OF IT! FFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffff---