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I thought the lion was half lion/puppy/rabbit/bear/scorpion/bird :0
Omg bathrooms.
One time, my sister and I went to the restroom in a resteraunt and we saw a woman dancing. We looked at her like o___o ....
And she said "Oh... Looks like I got caught."
And we just told her she can continue dancing if she wanted to xD
LOOOOOOOL. OMG. I feel horrible for laughing xD
Sweet jesus <3
Everyone saying they'll do fanart for this comic is motivating to do fanart for you too c: this comic is adorable. Especially their heads. Omg their heads. Lololol.
C: much blood.. o-o if it loses any more, you should put a blood sucking fairy that glitters and sparkles so it won't have anemia.
Shark head.
The shark head fitted the best on the body. And I guess it's not a rabbit u.u
Your art style.. I get inspired by it *-* I'm adding it to my favorites.
I wonder what animal it is too o-o it looks like a bunny/dog
Lol hi xD
Your art is really amazing even though the animal/creature/multicellular being is headless. I really like how you draw (pixelly) and the writing.
The food
looks good but it's le tastes bad.
@Tangee: Ahaha <3 i meant to make the story that way so the readers will have a hard time deciding which couple to like c: I'm glad its working boohaha.
C: thank you guys for commenting~
I got a bigger canvas size for this manga~
I really like it but it takes even longer to finish one page @_@ At least there's more panels and speech bubbles for me to put :D
Thank you for those who favorited this manga so far. I really appreciate it c:
I was about to say "Ohmygeebus she's cute too" and then I realized she has the same first name as me. :D asdlkgjalsdf COINCIDENCE? I THINK YES.
:0 they are all soo cute~ xD lol.
:D Dean is cute~ lol.
Yuuta never asked if she can walk :D And sorry the the.. uh.. living room.. I'm still an amateur at this.
Miss Censored
February 24th, 2012
The blur effect. Omg. Yes. It's. Omg. Yes... :D
:D Wow. The perspective and everything is well drawn here~
I like how Yuuta sounds like a suspicious man. xD But he really isn't :D