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lived it, hate it
this is sexual coercion. Understand that many of your readers are probably teens and learning that this is ok. It's not its fucking rape. Lets do a count, on page 178 Kim says he isn't awake enough for this (kind of like being too drunk) Kylee ignores this can grabs his dick anyway. Gets creepy and calls it therapy, (dont pedos usually call molestation that? or a game?).
Then Kylee goes further down and you draw kim looking concerned that this is going further after kylee had just said they wouldnt go too crazy. On this page Kim Says "don't" then physically pushes Kylee away. Kylee then doesnt accept Kims lack of consent, or even eye contact for that matter, and THEN he gives in

that is sexual coercion and rape. It is a HUGE problem in BL comics, Yaoi, and especially on comics here on smackjeeves. Its rape culture but ya'll are fine with it because its men.

Imagine this entire scene but with a guy trying to fuck a girl when she keeps saying no.

this is the page that made me unsubscribe. and "smol little beans" can still be rapists. This is so fucking wrong and so are these creepy fucking fangirls
Lmao, aren't they still at their friends house?
wtf am I looking at
aww poor bailey
woah Gannet not cool bud! Don't just go outting the dude
Hey you're my boyfriend and I just fucked your ass, but like can I sleep here?
Holy shit that dick is huge
(Still re-reading this page)
This page is so amazing I can't get over how raw it is
@Azure Shade: Thank you so much!
Can someone link me to where we saw her before? I don't remember her
“Takes a lot of balls to name a place somethin’ like that. Builds up expectations. Kinda like ‘Graceland.’ I mean, it sounds like you could find redemption there.”
this guy is a total pedophile and its skeeving me out. Is this supposed to be sexy?
@samanthasdog1231: Typical kenjiro, the only page he's on doesn't even work
Izzi allens
November 28th, 2013
Where did those other pages go
He's not even holding it right
Izzi allens
November 23rd, 2013
Love it
So who's the bio-mom?
Please update again!