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Hello! I'm minakonumnums. I basically have that username everywhere, so feel free to say hi :)
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I officially caught up, and I want to say congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Keep up the great work! :')
@super chao: Yay hi!

And don't apologize for talking too much! This comment is great xD

Thank you for enjoying the comic so far! It always makes me so happy to hear about people enjoying it qwq It inspires me to keep trying harder and harder.

Yandere Ginga would be pretty A+, if only xD
@00Stevo: thank you so much!!
And I hope so too!
Hey guys!
Just to let you know, I graduated college!
I don't have my senior studio comic uploaded as of right now, but I do have a picture of my display here~!: -my-final-crit

My senior studio ended up changing a few times, but it still ended up being a comic. If I remember right it's 24 full color pages (much harder than a toned comic, believe me)

I've missed Ginga so much though oh my goodness. If anyone's here, thank you for being patient with me! I have the next few pages thumbnailed, and I'm hoping to figure out a schedule (I'm thinking two pages a week? We'll see.) But yay summer! I hope your studies have been easy!
Hey guys! Back with page 20 :>

This is one of the pages I had sketched up, but I decided to redraw it since it looked so old. I think it looks better than it originally did;;
Merry Christmas!
It's the 24th where I am right now haha.

Sorry guys it's not /quite/ an update. But I wanted to draw something up to celebrate the holidays with these guys :> Especially since I missed Halloween wehh...

I hope that you all have a nice time whether you celebrate or not! Feel free to tell me how your holidays went when they pass! <3

(as far as the comic goes, I finished my first semester of senior studio, it seems like I passed! :> Yay, done for now. I started to redraw the pages for NMP that I sketched way back when, since they look really old;;; )
today i decided to go in and reread everything you have so far, and your characters are so fun, and your art is so cute (especially Sakura, she's a precious baby qAq )
hope university is going well for you so far!
i think this page came out really nice too! chris is really cute :>

as far as the color goes, I think it would depend on if you're selling it as a book eventually or not. I really love how the color looks, but it will be more expensive to print.
Thank you guys for all the comments! Hopefully I replied to them all qvq

you guys make me so happy, thank you for supporting me
@SamuraiOtaku: I'm so glad you love it! :> thank you!
@SamuraiOtaku: thank you! >v<
@SamuraiOtaku: thank you so much! this page was a lot of fun to draw xD

and thank you
@SamuraiOtaku: Thank you!

Also thank you, that's very nice of you :>
@00Stevo: thank you!! :>
@super chao: I'm glad >v<

AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH >7< That makes me so happy to read. Man everyone loves her little doki doki face x)
@Whip the Rabbit: xD ginga being cute makes everything ok
@SamuraiOtaku: thank you so much! ;v;
Hayden doesn't deserve any of this.

((and to those who are paying attention to my personal life, I'm feeling a bit better, but still trying to pick myself up. Thank you guys for being so patient and caring qvq I'm so thankful for you))
@super chao:
I'm glad you like him! :> He's interesting..... XD

Gotta love awkward moments >v>

Also, thank you for your kind comments about my personal problem. They help me feel a bit better :')