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OMG she is awesome x3
oh god its gamzee x3
love this comic awesome job ^u^
June 14th, 2011
oh man the first and second panel were priceless, love this comic.

keep up the good work ^u^
... is N having team plasma stalk Pi now? o.o?

Awesome art and comic by the way love it ^u^
who is that?
That cant be Nate the hair is a bit to short, and to combed down. I is confused >.<
go to 603 and the sounds started to get a bit annoying, but it was very fun to play, and cute art btw :3
April 5th, 2011
i just died from the super cutness of this comic >u<
this comic is just amazing...
and is that a tattoo on James' back?
I second that closet vote