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Uncertainty is the only certainty.
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Was actually thinking about this comic earlier today!
Ain't that just code for "dang, I can't win like this."
He can be so clever.
I'm really loving this entire stretch. :)
Oh dear.
Duplicate of the one before it, which already has comments besides this, so *shrug*.
And this is the same as a couple back.
Same comic as the previous, though maybe it was to give enough space for the entire message.
The last time these two had a private talk, Jackie became a hostage.

This can only end well.
Hit 'em with a rock!
Not sure what the issue is. I mean, this is like the exact opposite of a problem.
She is indeed really good at that. ^^
Hey, down in front!
I remember you! Good to see you again!
At least the dangers of sleeping while suddenly changing location seem to be a non-issue in this case.