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Torino is just some comic/history/paranormal nerd who likes cats a whole lot.
@AFieSight: thanks... the thing is the old stuff is from 2011-2013 and I feel it should have improved a lot more than it has :(
Apologies for the delay on this one - I was supposed to have put a notice on the previous page that there was going to be a week break but forgot, and then this one still managed to get delayed. I did still manage to get it up on Thursday though. The temperature here spiked very suddenly and left me reeling a bit and made my art block worse than usual. The result is that I'm largely not happy with this page, but I think I've redrawn it enough times.
Next page should be up next Thursday with no delays.
We have two nice historical photos here. I still feel guilty and wish my art was good enough to reproduce them, but on the other hand they give a sense of reality. Plus that photo of Sydney in the early 30s is so amazing to me. From the angle its hard to tell, but the Harbour Bridge hasnt completed construction yet. Its likely that it might be a year or so off the 1930 exactly, but it was too good to not use. l-sydney/how-the-plague-almost-demolished-the-rocks_image9
The other one is a photo of Phar Lap winning the Randwick Plate in Sydney, 1930. I also wondered how to best show this and opted for tracing the horses in the photo.
If I ever had time, it would be nice to try and draw both these photos from scratch. Unfortunately I don't have time, and if I want to get these pages finished at all I have to make compromises. But using the real photos does make an interesting contrast in the things that are real and the things that are dramatized.
@Shiisiln: Syd would actually come in third place here. The grand champion is Hobart, whose crush has been around even longer than Mel has existed.
Oh boy! Flashback time! Anyone know anything that happened in 1932?
I haven't really had the chance to draw anything around this era since the brief 1920s part at the end of the Federation arc, and have been looking for an excuse ever since, because those are some of my favourite character designs.
Managed to get this done in time!
As I've been using all my free time to try to get these pages done, I'm going to take a break next week.
The next page will be up April 26th.
I'm back!
The longest Valentines Day ever continues! Here's the first page via my new computer.
The art looks weird to me on this page because it took me a while to get used to drawing again after not being able to for more than 2 weeks, I had really bad art block plus I lost all my custom pens in Clip Studio and was using ones I wasn't used to...and then only realized after I finished it that there was an easy way to get them back.
Next page should be up next Thursday. Should be.
Some good news!
I can't thank you guys enough for your patience. The comic will resume next Thursday, assuming I get a new computer this Saturday like I am planning to. It's embarrassingly difficult for me to draw the old fashioned way without a computer. In also can't edit the size, so the image will have to be ugly and large like this until I get my new computer and can resize it from there.
Brisbane is wearing the bunny outfit her DollfieDream version is currently sporting, while Darwin is cranky about her not being a bilby, as his quest to stick it to Big Easter Bunny continues.
I hope to return on the 5th of April!
A moment of silence...
...for my computers motherboard. I was right to worry last week because the poor thing died in Sunday, and I'm glad it let me finish the last page and back the rest up on the external HD as an act of mercy. The last page was a better place for a cliffhanger than the one before it!

But I didn't want to upload absolutely nothing today even if I have been unable to draw due to not having a computer. But I do have an iPad, which lets me unload pages to here, so as a bonus I decided to upload photos of some of the many, many different drafts of the previous two pages with the help of an app to combine them together (which is what that watermark is) There are three reasons for this: first of all, I wanted to upload something, second of all I thought the making of process might be vaguely interesting to somebody, and third of all my draft pictures are really silly looking and make me laugh sometimes.

When I said that these were the most difficult pages in the entire run of the comic so far to write, I was not exaggerating, because I drafted them more times than any other pages and kept changing things, including the number of pages (pages 3 and 4 were originally going to be one page) As you can see there's a version where Sydney is a good deal more casual, and there are multiple versions where Mel cries a lot. There's even a version you can see some of in the last bit there where he runs off dramatically like the heroine in a shojo manga, which was honestly too much even for him. The decision for his eventual facial expressions were almost last minute. The absolute hardest part of this moment was to keep them in character while presenting an unseen side of them and that is extremely challenging and not at all what I expected to be doing when I started a goofy gijinka comic in 2011.

Mel's final line also kept changing, and there's multiple versions (two are shown here) where he says 'don't you think this is too cruel?'

By the way my favourite goofy draft face is Mel's on the version with 'KNEE'.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my comic writing process and the unintentional humour in the simplified draft faces. It's impossible for me to draft on the computer itself for some reason so drafts have always been scribbled out by hand - ideas flow a little better that way for me. I'm not sure if this is how everyone does it or not.

As for the next page: I still don't know when my computer will be better, I will find out this Saturday how bad the damage is and what the repair cost will be, and decide what to do from there. You will find out next Thursday for better or worse but there will be some form of update then - although most likely bonus content I can upload as a photo from the iPad again. If anyone has any particular requests for that, do let me know in the comments.
hoo boy this page nearly didn't happen because my computer went kaput just when I'd nearly finished it (luckily I didnt lose much), and I thought it was done for but it turned out it was just the internal battery that was dead (apparently this can prevent startup for some reason). It started working again after I took it out, but it still makes funky noises now and then. I really hope it'll be okay, because if I lose it there won't be another new page for...half a year or so.

Anyway, there are conveniently some large trees around Observatory point. It was another reason I chose that location.
@shiisiln: I'm glad! It's always encouraging when people leave comments and give me some indication that they actually enjoy my dumb stuff because I tend to assume no one does by default 8')
Behold. The page that took longer to draft than any other page in the history of this comic. I think I drew at least 15 different versions of how this would go down, even though it was a page I'd been planning for two and a half years.

Syd always had a flair for the dramatic, huh. But this might not have gone to plan...

More points:
-Observatory Point is a popular spot to propose.
-If it isn't obvious, Matilda is the butler's wife, and yes he also has a name.
-I really wish I'd gotten time to draw the christmas comic I planned on, which was meant to foreshadow this.
-I'm admittedly a little nervous uploading this

***Next page: March 15th***
@Lora: unfortunately they've actually gotten worse, I also don't have time to draw backgrounds anymore so have to incorporate free-use photos.
Sorry for the wait on this.
Funnily enough this arc was only going to be three long pages originally, which is why I wanted to get them all done pretty quickly, but as soon as I actually drafted it properly it ended up much longer. I wanted to be able to get the pages uploaded pretty close to eachother so that people dont have to wait an entire week between each one, but that isnt possible when I work full time.

Some fun facts:
-please google 'sydney botanical gardens satyr' if you want to see that actual real statue. I thought it would be funnier to just not explain that whatsoever to leave the readers with the exact same sense of 'what the HELL is that' that I had when I first encountered it out of nowhere without expecting to, but it is an actual statue of the smuggest satyr I have seen in my life, and Syd wouldn't be too flattered to be compared to it, even if Mel is joking.
-Both the crane game and the photo booth stuff would have happened in the area around the Capitol Theatre where there is a whole load of the things. The original draft had Mel getting angry at the obscene markup Sydney charges for using the photo booth machines - the same machines that are 400 yen in Japan will cost you $12AU+ there.
-The sunset view is from Observatory Hill.

******Next page forecast: Thursday March 8*******
So the page should have gone up yesterday, and I did edit the forecast to say Thursday...but the truth is that I had been horrifically tired since getting back from my holiday, and I couldn't figure out why until yesterday when I ended up having to see a doctor, because I'm sick as hell. Right when I thought I'd managed to get through the winter without getting really sick like I usually do. I'm getting better but it's best I don't push myself because I have a career's fair this weekend that I want maximum alertness for, but also because...I really don't want to rush this arc. I'm already kind of disappointed at the lack of shading. I realy can't draw at all when I feel like this.
In exchange for making everyone wait again, you can at least get one of the draft panels. To tell the truth I was gonna draw a quick bit of bonus art for this but like I said, I can't draw at the moment.

*********The new forecast for the next page is February 28! It would be sooner if it wasn't for the career fair. Maybe it -will- be sooner, but it won't be earlier than the 25th!************
(haha I forgot to put the title in the comic and can't edit that in until later, because I'm currently on holiday and have this queued to post)
Remember Super Valentines Day? Ultra Valentines Day eats Super Valentines Day for breakfast, because it's multiple pages, and they're all real long like this! It's time for an entire Valentines (Mini)Arc! An actual, real plot!
Because of the length and how hard it is for me to get pages done with a full time job, I had to skimp on the shading, but I might add that at a later date. We'll see.

****CURRENT FORECAST FOR PAGE 2: Thursday 22nd*******
Happy 7th Anniversary, Southern Cross!
Hey look, it's a whole load of lore for a character -literally no one asked for-! So then, if you haven't been imagining the narration being voiced by a gentle old man, you've been reading the comic wrong all this time, and now you have to reread it.
This concept was actually going to be done a year ago, although the tone of the comic was a hell of a lot sadder, and is the main reason why I never got around to it. You can see only touched on it briefly in this version, but the older one centered much more around the number of butlers Sydney has gone through and the fact that he kept forgetting they would change with each new generation - and why the others try not to get too emotionally attached to their own. Obviously, that is depressing as hell, so I didn't end up doing it (plus I had no time to anyway).

Anyway, this has been an episode of 'No one on earth thinks about the logistics of gijinka harder than Torino does'. It was mostly born from me wondering who did this and that for Sydney, because its unlikely he would have done it himself, and eventually the concept of some mystery elite family who get to know about the existence of anthropomorphized cities took shape.

(And yes that does mean that he called Brisbane a slob, but Sydney probably told him to say that.)

Next arc starts on Valentines Day!
'I should redo those character intros, that will not take very long at all' haha, whatever past-self. But now they're finally finished!
Although this Perth page looks a lot better than the 2011 Perth page, I'm still not really happy with it, because Perth is really damn hard to draw. His new intro is pretty similar to his old one. Darwin actually has a snake around his neck, but its pretty hard to tell after I resized the page.

I'm hoping there can be a new update next week. Usually when the comic updates its on a Thursday (and this is...really, really late on thursday night right now so still barely counts), but next week the update (if it gets done) will be on Friday, since the 26th is the comics anniversary. (it's also Australia Day but whatever)
I hope I can get that done but it's going to be something slightly different to what the comic is usually like, but it's actually something I meant to do a year ago and never got time to. After that, I will hopefully have a proper schedule for the next arc which is scheduled to start on valentines day.
WHEW I thought I wasn't going to get this finished in time but I barely made it. I didn't want to have to delay it another week.
This page is similar to the old one with some main differences, especially the end. You might have noticed babyMel isn't in the Adelaidevision lineup anymore either - this is because he also wasnt founded as a convict colony (however since Melbourne did still receive convicts, was founded by the son of an ex-convict and had such a strong connection to Sydney, Adelaide still thought he was icky anyway)
To be honest, I feel kinda bad about how little attention Adelaide gets compared to the other characters, and the truth is she's the most difficult character of all of them. She's also the one who changed the most since 2011. i'm not...entirely sure what happened. She originally had what was supposed to be a recurring gag that she fell asleep a lot which was entirely based on the fact that 'sleepy' is an adjective I see used to describe the city a lot, but this gradually got phased out cos it was kinda dumb and seemed awkwardly shoe-horned in for the most part. The other quirk she had - that she 'ocassionally' had a sharp tongue despite her gentle appearance, gradually just took over and became her main personality. woops.
Perth time next week!

fun fact: the adelaide-vision sydney also has flies buzzing around him but when I added the spooky crosshatching you cant see them anymore 8'(
@L: yeah, it's kinda odd because without the followup strip it's a little meaningless, but she is actually telling him where she hung the mistletoe, and he is pretending he has no idea what she's implying.