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I really need to get better at doing these.
Finally another comic, found an artist for a new comic but decided to keep this one going as well.
Alright, I suck at keeping things updated. That being said, I will be launching a new comic with someone else whos doing the art. So at least something I do will update. Ive also decided that I will keep on this comic even though I still have to do the art myself. The more feedback and comments I get will remind me to update more often.
@Beast389395: Not so serious since the updates are so few and far between. Though I am glad that you are still checking in. Posts from people who arnt my friends are the thing that gets me making more.
Yes I know I am terrible at updates. Keep thinking I found someone to do my art then nothing.
Someone commented on the last comic so I got off my lazy ass to make this. More comments lets me know people read it and I make more comics.
I think Im giving up trying to find someone else to draw for me.
Back In Action.
Yes the lights are on the floor. It makes sense if you play Rimworld.
Play the game Rimworld. This will make more sense.
No dirty jokes just because its comic '69' people. Just one about horrible death.
Action Scene
Sorry this took me so long. Sickness, engagement party, laziness. Cool action scene up next.
Been looking forward to doing this one for a while. Atomic Detonations are fun!
Woot, another update. Let me know what you think of the comic so far.
Yay! Another comic! Im going to have fun with this next arc.
Another comic today. Figured since I was in the mood to make them why not do another.
Finally finished my cats. Got a lot more assets to make but ive decided not to do anything fancy and keep going with what works.
@Big Fan: Thanks! Please tell people or comment on myth-weavers! Id really like to hand the art over to someone more skilled.
New character models, still tweaking. Backgrounds will be replaced soon.