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May have left around 2012 but I'm back. :)
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@LordOfPandemonium21: Nope. No drugs. Just a very very perceptive stare-down. :)
@Katarra: Haha, yeah. It was something I've wondered about for the longest time. Hannibal did the same thing on the show (fiddled with his scalpel), but that was after he learned more about Will. My question was, what if he hadn't known him as well as he did? Would he consider killing him then? :D
@Katarra: DING DING DING DING DING <3 <3 <3
@Katarra: Not sure if you've noticed before (and I don't blame anyone if they don't) but did you notice the little thing in the last panel? *wink wink*
Quick Reminder That
Each part of this comic took about a month at least to make in between, so considering that this comic pretty much documented my progress in the past few years, style changes will probably become more apparent. :)
@Katarra: Hehehe wink wink
@Katarra: You mean the 'not tasty' bit? xD
@Ralend: Haha, that would be the dream xD
@Katarra: I love doing that bright-eye totally crushing face so thank you <3
@Katarra: He has permanent "Done with your shit" face xDD
@Katarra: Haha, the animu blush WAS something I had in mind while I drew this xD
@Katarra: He is so done with this shit xD
@Katarra: Hahaha, it was one of my first proudest achievements <3
@Ralend: He's definitely getting straight to the point. xD

And again, just gently reminding you that this is a fancomic of the show, Hannibal, so please please please be wary.
@LordOfPandemonium21: I've found it, actually, and it's amazing so far. And I love the music! :D

And don't worry, no offense taken. I tried making it as obvious as possible in the comic profile that it's a Hannibal AU but for some reason, nobody seems to see it xD Anywho, if you still want to read the comic despite not liking the show, then thank you. That means a lot, but again I must warn you about sudden turns to horror and blood that WILL happen sooner than you'd expect.

Of course, I strive to make this comic with the same sensible vibe of the show (despite being a "lighter" AU), especially how the show never makes cannibalism a horrific thing (which might sound unbelievable to non-viewers, now that I think about it xD). I won't force you to watch the show, of course, but the only reason this comic existed was because I loved it.

Aaand if you'd rather not read the comic anymore, I'll understand as well. Reading this without seeing the show first will definitely come off as a strange webcomic, so please, by all means, do what you're more comfortable with. :)
@DrSmile: badum TSSSSS xD
@LordOfPandemonium21 and @Ralend: I'm glad you guys got that vibe, hahaha. And again, since no one seems to be mentioning it, this comic is a fancomic of NBC's Hannibal, so please PLEASE be warned.
February 20th, 2018
Big meanie >:(