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I'm Vietnamese, and I'm proud of that.

The first manga I read is Doraemon when I was 6. Since then, I start to draw and copy every scene I like. However, I've never thought of becoming an artist until my scrappy sketch won the first place at my local gallery - btw, the prize is 2 blocks of milk :)). However- again, I never have time to take any Art class- I wish :( - so most of the time, the space, the scene, the body seems really weird. They're not balance :-?

My favorite type of manga is Shounen-ai/Yaoi. But I choose manga based on the meaning in it, so I did read Shoujo-ai sometimes. [ 'Coz some of my friends - who like Shounen-ai - call Shoujo-ai "Gross" and it's annoying me. ]

Right now, I'm working with my friend Kanon, and she's a shoujo-ai-holic. White Roses is a manga based on her novel, so of course, don't be surprise when you see a shounen-ai lover draw shoujo-ai :)
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I don't really feel like Liam as seme

But I will never accept the seme is shorter than the uke.

Confused ;A;


P/s: I really like your story

P/s of p/s: You did a great job :)
January 29th, 2011
I changed the tone on Veronique's clothes since her white hair and her white clothes make the page even whiter. Sorry for the changes.
January 25th, 2011
My first manga. Hope you like it :)

Oh *Read from left to right, please, 'Coz I habitually drew it that way