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Name- Like I'd tell you n_n
Nickname- Muffin
Gender- Female

-Cool contacts
-Not acting my age
-Video games

-Being bored
-Dubbed Anime
-Math [Ugh D:]
-People who aren't themselves
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March 4th, 2012
So, I totally think Dionysus and Hermes should have their own little side story or comic. ♥
August 24th, 2010
Aww, Terrence is so cute and your art is so crisp and colorful~

Now, with the dialog, I'm assuming English is not your first language? Perhaps you could e-mail someone what were you going to say on a page and they could proof read it for you. Such as when Terrence is saying "Starting of now I won't let you being hurt in any way" should be something along the lines of "From now on, I won't let you be hurt in any way."

I hope you don't think I'm mean for saying this. D:
Yay for updates~
I love Bo's shirt and AK in the last panel.

-love love love-
Poor little Henry. D:

I don't know how many more sad pages I can take here!
You art is pretty. Srsly.
I can't wait till this story gets more in depth. I have a feeling it's going to be awesome.

Biel likes touching other people's circles. ;) <3
Lies! It's can't be! D:

Ren kicks ass as a ninja indefinitely.
I love your art and character designs. I can't wait for more. :)

Great page though. I love Monday's expression in the third panel.
This page looks very good. I think your style has improved a lot a lot!

On the note of Truffles being genderless, pwease make him a boy? I will be very sad if he's not. ;A;
Yay @ the update~ I just love this comic *-* Your characters, your coloring and I like your style ;D

Jade and Trish are love <3 Jade is so gay for Trish. Lol

Edit: First comment. Yay
Aww, that's cute :3 I like your style. I shall watch out for updates and see where this goes :D
September 25th, 2007
Your art is so frackin' amazing *-* I love it! Your summary also made me chuckle "French twins, Hollywood, and cheap porn" What could be better than that xD Favs~
They're not that bad XD Lol
Yush <3 I needed this before I went to bed xD Lol

Oh, btw Devdasi! I made some summaries for Yume and Kagami no Kuni if you want them ^^;;

EDIT: Teehee, first comment ;D
September 14th, 2007
Aww, yay! >w<
-hits next button repeatedly-!
I mean, can't wait for an update xD;; Lol
September 13th, 2007
Teeheehee~ >D
Who didn't know that was coming?...I mean really. Lol
I demand more please! D: <33 -keeps pressing the next button-
Nyehh >w<
Lmao xD Dom was formly a Jock before he turned Emo. Nice. I love the "You're a blonde?" panel <3
July 30th, 2007
>w< It's so cute that it rotting my teeth! Cannot...look...away o_o

I'm in love with the "PHSAW" panel xD It's so Midori <3
>w< Pretty. I shall do a "Kizzy" and fav this comic to see where it goes ^^
This comic looks very cute so far :D
I can't wait for more development of the plot and whatnot
I shall be watching it o_o Lol