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I'm sorry Cookymon but you're Wrong
CQC is also done by Guardsmen, against reasonable opponents (Tau), or by Deamons, or Raging Maniacs (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!! BURN, MAIM, KILL!!!)
Silly Eldar
Silly Eldar, being faster than your opponents only matters if you have somewhere to run to!
They owe Royalties
"Don't Panic! Keep Shooting!" is trademarked by the Imperial Guard... They now owe the Guards Royalties, as well as a Squad of Guardians to stand on the firing line for the next battle the Guard has in sector. This is all null and void if the Craftworld does not survive this invasion however
Plot Armour
Plot Armour gives a 1+ Armour Save (Rerollable), and a 1+ Invulnerable save (Also rerollable)
Not a good sign...
They went for the 'Eavy support...
Self Sacrifice
See what seperates the humans from the Aliens, is that we don't notice the loss of life, while the Aliens feel it hard. Humans in the 40K universe have the numbers to absorb it. On top of that, we're willing to throw our lives away to protect others. Those 2 factors are why the Imperium still stands despite all their enemies efforts.
that is so AWESOME! (I think my pyromaniac side has been satisfied for a while :D )
I might be able to help out with the webpage thing
The girl will come over and see the statue and want to do whatever the guy in the grass skirt is doing (I'm not quite sure what he is doing)
Pokémon meets Wild West?
I love the look on her face!
What the hell are they saying??
please can we get translations?
Oooh, I want a Sharperd for Leaf Green now...
But what if it's a female spartan?
What? No big Explosion?
We Canadians aren't quite as bad as Shepard there... we don't assume everyone speaks english, we try to learn their Language
Pokémon lost all appeal after the hoenn series... and maybe a little before
Hey, get Grunt in there!
Girls aren't that mysterious... ah who am I kidding yes they are