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Firstly, Happy New Year!! :)

Finally a new page! If you haven't checked out the news section for this webcomic, the reason I haven't posted is due to the cord for my tablet going out. It wouldn't work anymore. The whole story for not posting is this, old laptop's motherboard failed, tablet stopped working, holidays and working on other side projects for my portfolio. The projects are slow moving, but any progress is better than none.

I had originally wanted to post this page two months ago, as I also had another page I wanted to ink, but I constantly had to mess around and twist my old cord in order to get it to work. .So I just settled on just purchasing a new one from amazon, and since I have prime, it arrived within two days. :) So that's why this page was posted not too soon after posting my comment to the News section.
Happy New Year
I hope your wrist is doing better. :) Just do what you feel you can. Lack of motivation will happen, but don't beat yourself up about it.

I hope your holidays went well.
@HerpyDerpyHurHur: Welcome back :) Even if it's only for this page at the moment. Please take your time! You'll only cause more strain to your wrist. If I could recommend something, there are these glove like wrist/hand bands that can be worn to help reduce the strain on your wrist. Although you say it may be permanent it may be worth getting one if you'd like to continue doing art.

Really sorry to hear this. So seriously please take as much time as needed if you intend to still work on this webcomic.
Another hiatus
Hey guys! At the moment I'm typing from my tablet because my laptop's hard drive is not working! Unfortunately I can't get on my laptop at all. I believe I've backed up some of my previous pages for chapter 5 however I didn't backup the most recent thumbnails for the future pages.

So I'm trying to get the family's old desktop computer to connect to the wireless network, but I have to either buy or find a connector. I also have to save up money to have my laptop repaired.

In other words I'm not sure how long this will take. I'll keep you posted, but I'll have to figure out how to update my news section from my tablet for now.

I'm seriously bummed out by this, but honestly the only way to move is forward. So please be patient once again as I try to work things out here.

Thank you!
Updates will be every Sunday! :) Also I'm back! It's been almost an entire year, but I'm finally back. I think the most difficult part about not doing this for a while is relearning the program, but surprisingly I remember most of the tones I used.

Anyways, let's get back to it. For now updates will be one page per week, but I may post more depending on the amount of pages I have done.

So please enjoy. Sorry for such a long wait!
Noooo! D: Aww, I want to read more. Can't wait for more :)
I love your art style :)
I think these two should stop worrying about grades and just run away together lol xD
Welcome back!

Your last post was in Feb., but it honestly doesn't feel like it was that long ago. I can't wait to read more.
Sooo sorry the page is late. Of course yesterday I couldn't post (please check the news section), but today I felt completely drained. I had worked on inking this morning and I ended up taking a nap that lasted longer than needed, and I was still pretty exhausted when I woke up. But I'm better now :)

Also, I'm waiting to hear back from my school about classes. I may take off a week or two soon to work on some of my other projects for my portfolio (I will need these projects for my upcoming class). My classes don't start until Oct. 3 but I'd like to work on them during my summer vaca.

I'll let you know. Oh! And btw, I wanted to say that I understand the previous chapters ended so abruptly, I was trying to tell a story within a limited amount of pages and it kind of didn't work out! I decided to just use as many pages as needed to tell the story I need for each chapter like I did in the previous chapters (I think it was about 30-40 page chapters the previous version, as opposed to 25).

So this chapter will be a lot longer.
=_- I hate drawing backgrounds.I give it to people who draw full blown backgrounds. If I had the patience and tolerance, I probably wouldn't mind. But I don't have the patience lol especially when I already spent enough time inking and toning.Oops! Pardon me, my laziness is showing *covers self*
page 2
More pages tomorrow :) I'm going along to pick my sister up from the airport so I may make it back home a little late.
A simple page, but I had a lot of fun drawing this :)

Anyways, let's move on to Chapter 5! It's about time~~!! Sorry I'm late posting this page.

Also, if at any moment while reading this pages (or attempting to read) you find that the text is too small, please let me know :) I'll fix it right away and re-post the page.

Welcome back! I'm back! I'm back! How are you all? I hope you're doing well and have kick off your summers in the most fabulous way! Even if it's relaxing at home, there's nothing wrong with that.

It's been 5 whole months! You know, during that time I did spend some time working out this chapter and ironing it and everything. I noticed I'm never satisfied, so I'm always always refining. But the moment I post a page, I think "Well there's no turning back!" lol So once it's up, it's up.

Also, have you guys noticed I changed the cover page? It's Satoru Iwasaki from the previous chapters. He may look different. Often if I don't draw for a while my drawings change (sometimes for the worse), but I'll try to mimic my art style. If it's too different, I hope it's better than before.

I have a bunch to say. So next, I may add some concept art at the end of this chapter, Perhaps it will be after every 5 chapters. So the next would be chapter 10, then the next would be chapter 15 and so on. I wanted to share a few sketches. I found this image of Daichi. He's actually sporting short hair and a smile lol I think I've spent the most time trying to figure his character out (hair and all). I didn't want him just being this sports guy and a girl has a crush on him. I like my characters to have some kind of depth. So perhaps he'll change a bit throughout the story.

As far as school, I'm out for the summer. :) So I'll be out until October. Where I'll once again be taking another long hiatus. But the next time I return I would have graduated. So from now until then, I'll be working to complete this chapter.


Updates will be every Saturday instead of Friday like how I originally planned. :) If I can crank a bunch of pages out by Saturday, it would be awesome, but we'll see.

That's all for now. Thank you for waiting patiently for me. Let's continue the story!
See ya soon! :)
It's completely understandable.
Take care until~~
Really love the first panel. She's adorable!
Urgh, if it turns out that she decides to be the perfect girlfriend for him or something and he dies I'm gonna be so angry with sadness! :/ Can't wait to see Chapter 6! :)
D'awww! They look so adorable! Your drawing style is just adorable.