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Bigger pages?
Not sure if any of my readers read this using a mobile device (is it even possible?), but I'm sure if any of you do it's probably very tough on the eyes, right?

Even on a laptop, or tablet or desktop, would it help if I enlarged the pages? Perhaps it might make it easier to read the text. Let me know if this size works for you or if you could do with the pages being a bit bigger? I can make the adjustments upon exporting the next few pages~

I also hope you're enjoying the story so far~
Changed the background. Was kind of tired of seeing the old one. I kind of like this one (the red and beige color scheme). What do you think? Do you prefer the old black and grey color scheme?
Post Tomorrow
Tomorrow I will be uploading the second page. Since I have a new desktop now, I still have small things I have to transfer over from the laptop to this one. One of those things are my tones! It always seems to be the small things that are forgotten. :)

See you all tomorrow.
I ended up getting back home really late yesterday(instead of the intended Friday return) so here's Friday's update.

Also, I'm thinking I'll try to post more than one page every Friday if I can. I think the process will be fairly slow if I post only one page every Friday and it seems to ruin the flow, right? Well, this is something I'll consider later down the line and if I can do it, I most certainly will.

If any of you are like me with webcomics here, you will probably just go back to the beginning and read the entire story through up until the final page with hopes of the next few pages coming out in order to find out what will happen next (or am I the only one who does this haha). So this is the reason I'm making this decision. So if I can only post one, I will post one. If I can complete and post two or three, I will.

Anyway, thanks once again for your patience~

See you next Friday! :)
@WindowMaker: Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, I'll try that the next time Misumi is thinking and see how it looks!

Yes, I'm finally back. :) Thanks for reading~
From here on out, I'll be trying something different with the text. Everything will be capitalized. I hope it will help with being able to see the text (especially for those reading this on their mobile devices)
@HerpyDerpyHurHur: Keep up the good work :) I hope we get to see the final page. I'm really interested in seeing where the story goes and where their relationship goes as well.
Also Kiiryu is so adorable lol Makes me want to re-read this comic from the very beginning all over again (I already read it twice lol)
@HerpyDerpyHurHur: No worries. I think there's this thing called "Artist Time" where things take us ten times as long to complete. I do think it requires discipline to complete something. Even still I think it's worth feeling a bit accomplished considering how far along you are. 200+ pages is a lot :) (btw, I totally understand. My webcomic is very old too. But I took a hiatus to finish college).
@HerpyDerpyHurHur: Of course I'll stick by this story! :) I'm interested to see where it goes.
I think I'll go back to re-read this from the beginning! Can't wait for more.
Thanks for the update :) Any update is a lovely sight to see.
The last panel turned out very well! Also, don't worry, it's your first vacay in a whole year! Relax and come back later :)
Update day! I know I'm a few hours late, but today was a snow day. Afterwards I just wanted to rest after shoveling snow (there's was so much!!). Anyways, yesterday's update is here. :) I'll see you the week after next.
Thanks for the update :)

Is the collection of artwork from this story, other webcomics, or just a collection of various art pieces?

**The piece of paper on her head reads ANA*

I actually had this page completed for last week! I'm shocked! I opened the software and saw this and was like "Oh! I could've posted this page!" I'm always happy to be updating a new page. I'd like to post everyday, but I don't think I have it in me to be so dedicated haha

If you want to know why I was able to post so often years ago, it was because I use to draw every single day! No kidding. Nowadays, I've gained new skills and I'm practicing those as well. So I can continue to be traditional I'll sketch or work on this webcomic :) So I don't draw as much as I use to, I try not too due to another fact, and that's that my wrist would start to ache.

Anyway, final announcement! After the end of this chapter it will be on hiatus. I have another webcomic I would like to start here on smackjeeves. Don't worry! After the first chapter of that comic is done, I'll come right back to this. This has been plan of mines for a while now. I have two other webcomics in mind, but the new one will be focused on fashion. This is the only hint I'll give!

As always, thanks for reading!
Firstly, Happy New Year!! :)

Finally a new page! If you haven't checked out the news section for this webcomic, the reason I haven't posted is due to the cord for my tablet going out. It wouldn't work anymore. The whole story for not posting is this, old laptop's motherboard failed, tablet stopped working, holidays and working on other side projects for my portfolio. The projects are slow moving, but any progress is better than none.

I had originally wanted to post this page two months ago, as I also had another page I wanted to ink, but I constantly had to mess around and twist my old cord in order to get it to work. .So I just settled on just purchasing a new one from amazon, and since I have prime, it arrived within two days. :) So that's why this page was posted not too soon after posting my comment to the News section.
Happy New Year
I hope your wrist is doing better. :) Just do what you feel you can. Lack of motivation will happen, but don't beat yourself up about it.

I hope your holidays went well.
@HerpyDerpyHurHur: Welcome back :) Even if it's only for this page at the moment. Please take your time! You'll only cause more strain to your wrist. If I could recommend something, there are these glove like wrist/hand bands that can be worn to help reduce the strain on your wrist. Although you say it may be permanent it may be worth getting one if you'd like to continue doing art.

Really sorry to hear this. So seriously please take as much time as needed if you intend to still work on this webcomic.
Another hiatus
Hey guys! At the moment I'm typing from my tablet because my laptop's hard drive is not working! Unfortunately I can't get on my laptop at all. I believe I've backed up some of my previous pages for chapter 5 however I didn't backup the most recent thumbnails for the future pages.

So I'm trying to get the family's old desktop computer to connect to the wireless network, but I have to either buy or find a connector. I also have to save up money to have my laptop repaired.

In other words I'm not sure how long this will take. I'll keep you posted, but I'll have to figure out how to update my news section from my tablet for now.

I'm seriously bummed out by this, but honestly the only way to move is forward. So please be patient once again as I try to work things out here.

Thank you!