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i have always loved your art, since i first found this comic, but lately i have been floored with how absolutely stunning it is. I look for updates from this comic over any other. Thank you for that pleasure and please keep writing!!
This was literally the only comic i was waiting for today! I was not disappointed.
Aaaaaand it's over. That was a tension filled trip.
This post totally made my day!! I'm so happy it's coming back!
So serious.... Yikes.
Omg!! What's happening?
Oh, dear. They are terribly amusing!
God, I just want to kick him in the balls...
Oh no! Don't die!!
Up till now, I was all 'leave his ass!! You can do better!' But now... Ugh... Conflicting emotions...
April 20th, 2012
Scaaaaary!!! Hades said Rawr! Funny how he goes from growl-y to 'yipes' in 3 seconds!
Holla! Let's keep this up!
Holla!!! Get it!!
Who cares...
Guy/girl, guy/guy, girl/girl... All are hot. Keep doing what you're doing and we'll enjoy the ride. (Ha ha!)
This is going to make my heart hurt...I can tell.
Joshua is a bully... Don't poke bruises!
Your work is amazing as usual! As for your new donation thing, I can donate. Maybe the entire $50 if it's a good week at work. Yes, I love this comic that much. Please keep up the wonderful work. It is much adored by many people.