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In short i am a crazy idiot!
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Unicorns don't have normal red blood
I am having a super fangirlly moment over here
screw beauty sleep i am snowed in any way
wait where are they from?
Hey I know how you feel my team had to meet for a practice in Philly even though we are getting hit with the rain storm too
worth the wait
*pulls a gun out of his ship* "Come get me bitches"
Gotta love the Dunce Hat
H..H..HI..HIS EYES?!?!?!
page 4 and i am already emotional attached that was fast
that title with that profile pic is super awkward
and now i can go to bed in piece!
I was just sitting here and liked at my screen and thought open smackjeeves cause Kaito Shuno updated and i was right! Yay!
will you be making a book for volume one cause i want one
Aww i have missed you
Now to sit here for 24 hours till it updates again.