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I draw things!!!!!
Mmmm I don't think I'll do too many night scenes after this intro /sob/ too hard!
Oh boy! Wanted to do this page so much earlier but the shading too longer than I thought. Tell me if it's too dark to read ;;
Hnnghhh omfg how did I not find out about this gorgeous comic before? I'm so in awe with your line work and the detail you put into each page~ the characters are already so lovable ;;

I cannot wait for more <3!
Hello guys! As promised I'll be working hard with this comic this summer! Thank you for all your support!

Some changes however regarding future pages past the prologue. The page size will be reduced from the comic page standard I was working with in comics class. The font will stay consistent regardless of character unlike in the prologue.

That is all ;; uuu enjoy this brief panel as I set up the next two pages. Thank you!

EDIT: Added textures and shading.
The Mechanic
Hi everyone! I'm red! This is my first time co-authoring a comic ;;! I'm incredibly honored to be working with such talented artists! <3


Name: Laurie Esther
Occupation: Mechanic
Age: 29
Height: 5ft 11in
Likes: his tools, getting his hands dirty, the canon that breaks often, the smell of freshly popped popcorn, beer
Dislikes: fun houses, being bored with nothing to fix, sweets, the boss
Stolen Item: Motivation to live


Description: A severely depressed drunk and broody man, Laurie Esther no longer knew what he was going to do with his life and had planned to commit suicide once he turned 30. It was a rainy night at his favorite bar when he "arrived" at the carnival. He was as disheveled and skeptical as ever when the Boss appeared before him. The Boss's pale face and presence only made him hysterical and it still does. All Laurie was given were goggles, a tool belt and a pair of dirty overalls and told to "get dirty" to find the motivation he needed in his life. Laurie now runs the backstage operations as the carnival's lone mechanic, finding an incredibly perverse satisfaction in fixing the carnies' broken toys and machinery.


Full Pic:
;; his outfit is simply fabulous <3<3<3 i want to draw him so much ;;;;!
FFF what a stylish strong man ;v; <3
ahhh ;; your art is phenomenal~ I'm in love with the intricate outfit and the way you rendered her beautiful hair <3<3<3
Hnnnghhh your artwork ;; oh his flowing hair and that bunny suit i love it all! <3
ahhh what a lovely character <3 It'll be so interesting to explore all her expressions in the comic * D*!
This prologue may be confusing but hopefully at the end everything will tie together. These are done at 11x17 standard comic size. Future pages after the prologue will be smaller. Enjoy!
Original drawing on my deviantart: