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Good point: Modest.
Bad point: Absentminded.
Likes: Writing stories.
Dislikes: Bad art.
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    Jairo Martin
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The unlogged Halfblood below is a lie.

He's acting like me.

I don't even write like that.
Don't speak too soon, Supersonicfan0.
Meta Knight can sense you even if you're in Dreamland and he's in space.
HE. CAN. SENSE. YOU. So, don't try to blow up his ship.. except if you're Kirby.
Yesterday, I got an idea of Sakuya trapping Ice Kid, and talking him about being a diplomat so he turns into one. It could be...
Where ya got the crater effect?
Mobius and the Future Kingdom don't know about the agreement.
Yes, the Mushroom Kingdom and Dreamland have agreed peace and unity, for the win against the Mobius Kingdom and their numerous soldiers.
And SO, introducing my last character, Sakuya Izayoi, diplomatic maid... and ex-assassin. She's also a past friend of Smirror.
I've got plans for a diplomat in Mario's Kingdom. Perfect for me.
Star, I've deleted your post cause you can't know Mikee is coming. So, Zamio has requested a fight with you. Better go for him.
Oh, something I want to tell: can PerfectPhoenix and me have a private fight? So, no other users. That way, we have more balanced powers at the two sides.
Say hello to my new comic layout! And, your time, PerfectPhoenix. Try to put rain like me, please!
PerfectPhoenix, could ya post how you come to Dreamland?
Meta Knight's Halberd just perfect for what I have planned! So, I'm gonna start doing the comic.
He's your character in the Megaman's Side? Then, he has come back to the Future Kingdom now.
It was from all directions! Deus Ex Machina.
Of course. .png
Good for me.
The others are not dead... when you fall in the battlefield, if you're an author, you come back to your kingdom. And that's happening right now.