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I hate bios...I never know what to write. =/

Mm...I like Manga/Anime. Food...I like cooking, eating, but loving inventing random recipes. :D
Um, I enjoy drawing, writing, trying to sing, trying to play piano, and a lot of other jack-of-all-trades stuff.

I'm cool too~
-generic, thumbs up, teeth shine, eye blur, creepy, anime/manga grin-

Yeah, ignore this please....
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George seems . . . particularly manic on this page, lol.
Waiting for Gyarados
@M4davis: YES! Please! It's the only way Fish will ever gain experience . . .
Considering what Atty has done with Rat (i.e. left it alone to be beat up constantly), I expect that while Rat may be weak in attack power, it's gained a ridiculously high defense/constitution/HP, or whatever you want to call "the ability to be beat up and not fall".

But we'll see what happens~ :P
Haaaaappy birthday! :D
Jurassic Park: Pokemon Version
Now with more extinct, man-eating Pokemon! :D
I feel really bad for George. :<

Although, they /are/ traveling in the same direction ...
Just a thought ...
@SaviourInDistress: You do realize ...


Unless I forgot something. o-o But yeah. I unnuh.
I see that smile! :D Don't try to hide it, DT, I see it, curling it's way from the left corner of your mouth. You love him, yes you do~

... oh heavens, what if DT falls in love with her trainer? Talk about DRAMA! xD I can't wait to see what you do with her.

I'm really loving this comic! <3 Miss HHG, you're fantastic, both in the art and in the story. :]
Les Mis reference yay!
Hehe ... "go all Javert" ...
"I prefer drawing adult guys."
~waggles eyebrows suggestively~
YES!! xD

@ George: "Lip balm ...?"
(( ))
@randomkid: On a whim I did what you were doing. I was not expecting it to be that funny! Thanks~

Also, my mind already tries to trick me each time into thinking that last panel with the two windows and the `ting` is actually two panels, the `ting` being the window replacing itself. If I let my mind confuse me, it becomes even funnier! :D
I never type `lol` because it's such a lie. I'm not laughing out loud, even if I find it funny. That being said ...


I sounded like I was hiccuping to death or something! You literally had me laughing full force, out loud, in that obnoxious manner I only do when I'm really doubled over in laughter.

Well done!
Yeah. I always loved it when my opponent used bide and I knew all I needed were two attacks to win. They basically committed suicide.
I liked Firered/Leafgreen because: Metal Claw.
@H0lyhandgrenade: The whole point of a gym is for the challenger to try and succeed in order to win a prize. They pretty much stole his jumper, since they're gym people, not regular trainers (and this is overlooking that generally you only lose money).

Of course, that's only if you're actually looking for a response and not joking. :3 I love this comic! You're really clever.

@WobbleBird: YES!! xD
Embarrassed about a growth out of her head ...

Is that a FLCL reference I'm catching, or is that unintentional?
Heh, so the "moves in mysterious ways" /is/ a conscious reference to the God of the bible. :P
@zdw: Good series ... but no, it was Doctor Who. Thanks, though.
@Zanaki: Actually, that is exactly where I heard it. Heh, thanks.

... awwwkwaaaard ...