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September 5th, 2019
went and found that song mentioned in the alt text
The TWC button also looks like a broken image to me as well.

*returns to lurking*
Alt text reminded me of this song:
Isn't the word bubble in the bottom left panel supposed to be spelled "reckless"?

Otherwise, great page.
Good thing he doesnt need to breathe, though it'll be awfully cold
well, I use, it's free, for windows, and a whole lot better than using Microsoft Paint (which, I assume you're using when you said paint)

you can get it at (have no idea how to get links to work, so removed it as a link and stuck the URL here....then found out that just placing the URL makes it get turned into a link)

....truth be told, I'm not much of an artist
Now I wonder if it'll hold your eyes open as well....
Im just wondering what the max of the scale is...