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I like to read. I like comic books. I like to draw. Therefore, I love webcomics.
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Thoughts on the kidnapping theory
Not to throw a wrench into everyone's theories, but it seems more like Rumpy saved her from the burning house rather than kidnapped her. Although I can't really speak for him either way on whether or not the original fire was his fault.
For now I'm going to choose not to believe that it was him. But then I also never though Atty would shed enough apathy to want to level up DT - shows what I know (losing a sweet jumper like that is great impetus though).

Anyway, h0ly, I just wanted to say that I love this comic (style & substance). Thank you for taking the time to make it.
My feelings while reading this comic: Oh, good an explanation...what a cute puppy, though, to be a hellhound - oh wait, more explanation for that...aww, he gets an adorable pet...ominous grown-up talk ahead...OMG CREEPY EYES WHAT IT HAPPENING AND WHY DOES AEDH NOT LOOK CONCERNED AT ALL.
Overreaction? Most likely. However, that was a rather terrifying transition.
Excitement!! When Hades first look Zeus I thought "Oh no! But maybe..." and he DID! I knew he couldn't really be evil (most of the time).
The suspense is killing me! The only antidote is and update....we must have one!
@*Suki* I agree, absolutely completely!
This comic has the most interesting (and original) storyline I've ever come across from any webcomic!
The characters are way easier to move around this time, that's pretty cool.
Panel 2
Just saying. I would be terrified (awesome panel!).
I may have screamed with excitement when I saw that you had updated. Maybe (actually, in all honesty, I did!). I am super pumped for chapter 3!
I'm thinking that Simon and Mr.Black and White baddie could get along quite well, that is, if they weren't on opposite sides and all...)
Thank You
Hello dear author, I just wanted to thank you for making this comic. It is fairly, completely, awesome.
Your colors are just so....colorful! They're amazing! Awesome job