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13 Roses
I'm just a silly weirdo whose imagination works faster than I can draw! XD
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Lazy 13 Roses is Lazy
I rushed... Didn't want to be skipped. DX This isn't my best drawing, it's laziness. >.<
(Sorry if I butchered Tsukume's hair. I didn't mean to... DX)

Next person's up.
Ok, I'll start working on mine! :)

If I'm late, though, it's because I've got a summer class that's making me do tons of homework. DX (I'll try my best not to be late, though)
Heehee! That's still cool, though! :3

I love how you drew and colored the eye.
heeeeeyyyy... can I haz page 54 please? :3
Sorry that my lines and some of the backgrounds are awkward... I didn't want their to be white backgrounds so I randomly put in the pink... ^^;
Ah, okay. I'll probably upload my part sometime today or tomorrow. :)
k, thanks! :)
Is it ok if I change Kirei's teacher to Meiko? I just saw that she didn't have any students, soo... ^^;
Can I give page 43 a shot? :)
Name: Kirei Bara

Age: 16

Specialty Genre: Rock, Electro, and Ballad

Teacher: Meiko

Are You in the Club?: Yes, she loves to sing and dance either on a stage or in her bedroom.

Personality: Kirei's very kind, but almost too kind for her own good. If there were finals coming up and someone desperately needed her help even though she had a lot of stuff to do, she can't say no even if she regrets helping later. She approaches everything with care, almost like she's afraid it'll fade away or break. But even though she's nice, she can be mean. She'll let things go up to a certain point before she becomes demonic. Kirei's also not very nice towards people she has a bad feeling about or she knows very well and does not like them, but that's rare. Her mind runs through a thousand thoughts per minute, so she's very forgetful. She'll keep her mind on a few things she needs to get done and then her mind will wander to something else and that's what makes her forget. Most of the time she's quiet, but if someone start a conversation with her or they bring up a subject that interests her she can talk for hours. Also, even though she's quiet she can be a party animal at times, it just depends on her mood. Kirei is one of those characters who can just as easily be the life of the party or part of the background.

History: Kirei was originally created to be a maid for a wealthy family's home, but there was a malfunction in her creation that not only altered her appearance (it made a green 'u' appear in her brown eyes and she grew feline-like teeth) but it gave her a slight case of A.D.D. and made it hard for her to focus on doing nothing but chores all day. The family that owned her grew irritated when she found a sudden interest in music because either she'd be singing very loud, dancing to the point where something got knocked over, or she'd be playing an instrument instead of doing chores. They also didn't like her because she was very rude to their daughter, which was a typical spoiled brat. Either way, the family heard of Vocaloid Academy and decided she'd be better off there. So they enrolled her there and kicked her out of the house. Often times Kirei does feel bad about what happened, but she was miserable while she was living with them. Now that Kirei is in Vocaloid Academy, she is much more happier than before and only strives to improve her singing voice, which others think sounds great but she feels it sounds weird.

Petenshi ga Warau koro ni
Love Is War
Rolling Girl
Alice of Human Sacrifice
Daughter of Evil
World is Mine
Last Night Good Night

Extra Notes:
-Kirei can play bass guitar and a little bit of drums. She also loves the piano and so badly wants to take piano lessons.

-She can sing in Japanese and English.

-Although Kirei has a Japanese name and was created in Japan, she mostly speaks English. She understands a bit of Japanese here and there but isn't very fluent in it. (so you can easily get her to sing a pervy song in Japanese and she won't even know it! XD)

-When she greets people, she says, "Ello" even though she doesn't have a British accent.

-Even though she's pretty sweet, she cusses quite a lot.

-Her specialty item is a red rose since her last name "Bara" means "rose" and she simply loves roses.

-She often ogles things that are red and black because those are her favorite colors.

-Often times she talks to herself in public.

I also forgot to add that she also goes by the nicknames "Kirei-Kirei" and "Darkie-chan." "Kirei-Kirei" was developed because the daughter that she disliked often called her that and she actually liked it. "Darkie-chan" was developed by the husband because of her taste in clothes and her dislike for his daughter.