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Like, dood...
Oh My GEE!
Fav colour: Green, blue + purple <3

Fav Bands: Fallout Boy; My chemical Romance; Hawthorn Heights; Amber Pacific; Spitalfield; Brandtson; Anadivine; Desole; Matchbook Romance; The Used; Panic! at the disco; Greenday; Halifax; The Hush Sound; October Fall; Soundcott; Sugarcult; Alkaline Trio; RHCP; Dashboard Confidential; + other stuff -__-'

Fav Accesory: Hat :). Patrick Stump is coool.

Fav Instrument: Bass guitar ;)

Fav animal: Spider D:

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O yeah!
*penny rolls down the drain*


BTW- I love your comic so far <3 Keep it up!
Ooh, ooh! Pick me sir!

Does it mean 'fruit bat'?
XD Your style is so cute <3
This comic is love :)