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Roger > reach out, grab and throw an apple at her
Edd> bite off the sign and throw it at her
Edd > Give an apple to the lake monster
Roger > do the mario jump attack on her head
Steve > give her an apple
Edd > keep the apples in the inventory
Roger > Take its tooth

Man > the bug's blood could be poisonous so drain its blood into the empty bottle on the ground.

Edd > Take its tooth coz it looks suspicious
Man>anticipate its next attack, then attack!
Edd> throw the empty bottle at the bug
Man > wait for the right moment, then attack the bug with the glass shard!

Edd > wear coconut hat
Man>Throw the empty potion bottle at the spider bug thing

Edd> stop dancing and feed the man and himself a banana
December 14th, 2011
>Follow Peint, surely he has left a conspicuous trail
LOL I second the_mad_one
>Accidentely on purpose hide all evidence of the broken door & leave your room to try your BAMF WORTHY POWERS on your bro
Man > Ring the bell
Edd > Drink potion

Edd > drink potion
>Try to float in the pool only to find out it's actually SALT WATER (I'm so mean, since he has open wounds and all)
If he survives, FORGE AHEAD TO THE ROOM ON THE RIGHT. suspicious middle door is suspicious...

anyway, Salt water could help with the FLOATY POWERS XDD (e.g the dead sea)
December 7th, 2011
> Disturb Ater ; Make him join your party on this WONDROUS AND FANCY BRITISH ADVENTURE TOGETHER (along with teacup)


their hairs are so shinyyyyyy~ XP
I used copic markers and photoshop for editing and clean up

My panels are fail *headdesk*
having a horrible headache from a flu now @_@ I still need to improve my proportion and inking skills XD hopefully I can get the cover of the next chapter and a re-do of the comic cover page done digitally.

UP NEXT : Main story, chapter 1 !!

EDIT: my headache is pretty bad right now, I won't be able to draw anything until then, plus I'm going on a holiday soon, so yeah.

@leepanda Indeed
It's almost ending
The prolouge is one page away from completion and soon the main story will come! *EPIC APPLAUSE*

I used pencil to shade, and you can guarantee that the next page will be OH SO CUHLAHFULLL

The sketch of this page was done yesterday and inked and shaded today.
I must be crazy, doing and submitting 3 pages in a day..../SHOT

Again, it was another last minute idea to colour this.

This and the previous pages (0.15 and 0.16) were inked yesterday and I coloured them today with copics :3

and i used photoshop and my scanner to do the rest~
THAT I'M GONNA DIEEE /shot for movie reference
I used copics for this, it was a last minute idea to colour it, so that's why the necks had inked shadows XP

I am so proud of Hamuko's ribbon, I dunno why, BUT I'M SO PROUD *womanly tear*
I'm getting more pages done faster O3O

and also THE BANNER EVOLVED /shot
I'm loving it more than the one i did before, I hope more people will read it ^^.
Plus I may post more uncoloured pages :/