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i'm just your averaged amateur artist motion designer with bad spelling skills and a high school diploma
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@Oly-RRR: breaking things is my life
you can follow this comic on tumblr as well
wich is a little more up to date!

and, just in case, there is a patreon
this comic updates more reliably at
i'm sorry i've been MIA for so long,
yeah it's older, but it's not part of the main plot so i't constantly at the end
grensin helped me finish this one, i guess that meens we are practically married now
you thought this comic was stopped?
ha april fools!
i dedicate this to kirsten's radiator
this thanksgiving i'd like to be thankful for all of my followers and fans, you guys are pretty great! thanks!
summer! guys? am i right?
@brinmckinney: yes, yes they are. jimmy's emotionally distant, you'll find out why later maybe.
hey all, sorry i don't talk much
i talk more on tumblr, if you wanna follow my art and follow my oh so exiting life.
happy easter to all you who do the easter thing!
i've opened commissions in an attempt to finance my summer.
the rules are somewhere on my tumblr:
also if you wanna watch me draw stuff i started a youtube page:
as always guys, thanks for reading!
jimmy shares a birthday with my grandfather!