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Hi all! I'm a geek girl who likes to draw, and read :3 If anyone wanna know me, I don't bite.
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@martathecat102: Thank you! :))
@Raichi: Yep, you totally did :D
@killerSin: And is that a good or a bad thing? lol x)
...Finally. For some reason this page was really hard to do. >__<'
Pouika: Hi there! :) I hope you'll like the future pages too~

@Raichi: Yep, he totally did x3

@Riaya: Give her a medal, right? lol :D
@ravenflexr: Thank you! <3
@kio4life: Thank you! :3

@beachblondey: And thank you for reading it! :)

@smacfarland: Aww thank you! *hugz*
There was awfully lot of pouting from Blood in the last couple pages... oh well. X))
Hey guys, hope you are doing fine :]
Here is the next page, and thank you - all of you, for the watches and comments :3
@Shadow of the Angel: Thank you! Glad to know :3
Thank you for the comments and faves guys <3 makes my day <3

>>On another note: credits given where credits are due - I adopted Zafira from the awesome francizu on DeviantArt :]

>>Note 2: A few new art in the Gallery menu! Managed to commission some cute headshots, take a look :]
@Mirror_Heart: Yup, she is the one :]
Lucy likes theatrics and drama.

>>And if something gets too confusing, please tell me x3
Yes, Blood met her before - so did you ;3
...How obvoius were my hints? x3
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays guys! I hope you have a great time :]
@bloody_rose: Ah yes, I have way too much fun putting too small hints and stuff into it - hopefully you'll like the outcome. Which I'm working on currently.

@Akki-Chan , Noah: The next page is coming soon, and I have the draft for the next couple ones.
I'm so sorry for making you wait this long.
@Sheilkuroi: Now that would be interesting :D
..Is it me, or the plot needs to quicken up the peace a bit?.. It seems to move super slow forward. What do you think? x3
@StickieBun: Thank you! <3 *hug*

@staticarcher: Thank you! I hope you'll like the future pages too :]