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@MegaAnimeFreak7: mayyybbbbbeee..,,,,,,,,...their coming for you...
Antisocial Agabeth ::Comments appreciated!;
Ohh man.. this is so late..
I just got over a large art block, Well.. struggling with it still. But I am fighting it off for y'all! So here ya go, the fourth page, and the next two I already have drafted and waiting for the line art and color.

Geez Agabeth.. Don't you have a way with people.... Can't you try to play it nice?

::Comment Replies::

Alex_nightmare:: Aw~! That is so sweet to say! Though backgrounds still drive me up the wall. Tend to put way to much detail in them that I doubt anyone else really notices.

narutofreak:: I understand it must be frustrating when there is extra art work posted on the comic, I am trying to avoid posting it on the comic anymore. ;)
I have a Tumblr now where I post answers from the characters to questions from the readers.

krewetka:: I was greatly surprised by the fact it was 4chan, though the description that the person put on it.. Kinda fit too well.

Andromeda Lazuli:: Yeah Agabeth sure does have a little bit of an sass to her. She doesn't like people too much, so oh well. Forest Girl has people problems. I do believe she would make a good blogger if well.. tumblr and other such blogs were still open that is.
The beginning
I do not think Agabeth enjoys Elie's behavior, girls don't like being told what to do especially not here it seems. I mean she really doesn't enjoy the fact that he decides to tell her she can't get a guy. Trust me Elie you don't know what you are saying.

Though perhaps you should be a bit more social Agg's I mean... he is just trying to joke around with ya be nice.


Reni-Chan:: Thank you, Thank you so much. Your comment really was touching thank you. I would write more in order to match your comment but.. I am afraid I cannot really make the words at the moment though..

Alex_nightmare:: I Am so glad that you think so! I didn't think that my art had improved that greatly but thank you.. <3

Katerang:: TAADAA Another page just as you wanted!

kawaiimoocow:: These pages do take much too long make, but you know it is worth it in the end.

Sabriel19:: yes use the hook and pull them in! It is all you need to do to get the readers interested. I am just glad that you think it worked as well as it seemed to have.

next page should hopefully be sometime this week! <3

Let me know what you guys think of it so far!!
Introductions be Amongst Us
Page two is here!! Though I was a tiny bit late of my time of one page a week. By 35 minutes... Holidays are making it slow to get pages done.
Anyways though The plot is slowly expanding~ I do believe that the intro is all over. Now comes for the introduction to the characters, I hope that i can add some more in depth detail to my characters this time around.
I had a bit of difficulty with this page, I am so used to skipping backgrounds now I must confront them. Giving me quite the headache, so much coloring and perspective...
I hope this all makes sense so far! If it does I would love to know~! IF not that I would REALLY like to know!!

So leave a comment as I go, and let me know what you all think!
Sorry for that long wait everyone! I am starting the final stages of my comic the thumbnails have been complete for the first bit. Now comes the finalization of the comic pages. I hope to have at least one page out a week. Try and keep me honest to that promise readers!

I am trying to show more of the environment and really what kind of world they lived in. Some people speculated that the story was taking place in some fantasy world. Actually that is incorrect but close enough to it. It takes place after the apocalypse. Funny that this page gets posted the day after the world was supposed to end. Or what ever was going on about 12/21/12.

Please enjoy the comic page everyone!

Comments are very appreciated, I would love to hear what you all have to say.
I made a ask box for the Under Still Water's cast, IT is going to take me awhile to start putting pages out. Right Now I am still in the drafting part of the creation process. You can expect pages towards early April and May.

But Until then! Feel free to ask the characters anything you like!
It could be here in the comments, on my Deviantart account, or on the TUMBLER! (all links will be listed bellow)

I hope you all don't mind the wait but until then, go crazy! I will also be posting sketches and updating pictures on the Tumbler if anyone ones to keep track of that.

Thank you all for the support you have showed, and for all the long time readers out there. Much love to you!


DEVIANTART:: _submit=10%3A1354677379
@fellfree: I am going to move all of the pages i have here to a single chapter area That will be the last chapter on the list. Kinda the last thing you see when reading the story. But no I will not remove the pages from here. IF i decide to change my mind on that though they will remain on my deviantart page.
Yep I am restarting Under Still waters~!
For my senior year in High School we have to do a senior project. So sense I was wanting to continue the story, and also needing some project to show at the end of the year; I decided to start it up again!

I really am sorry that I ended up stopping on the comic, I meant to continue it but I just kept forgetting. I am planning on selling some preview books of it as well. At least thirty to forty pages of the story, probably might sell a few online as well that you will all be open to buying. That is after I decide on the price.

I am currently working on creating the drafts of the comic. You see I am starting on scratch when it comes to pages. I started the story years ago, but now that I look back at the art I find my self unsatisfied. Especially with the start of teh second chapter. I want to go more in depth with the plot, introduce more of the scenery in a better way than I have before. Show the society, and the life style of these people, also kinda make the whole story make more sense then my first run of the story.

But yeah that's my little announcement!

Under Still Waters is making its way back!

If you want to follow my plot development, and the progress I am making towards the finished project my deviantart account is :


Old account, hate the name, want to change it, can't. Pretty much sums it all up there.

Of course I will post my pages when they are completed on SmackJeeves! No worries about that there!~

Thank you all so much for the comments and support that you gave me in the comments!
I am sorry for those who are angry with my absence, and I completely understand that frustration. I'm here now though, so I hope I can appease your hungry appetites!

As always comments are always appreciate!

<3 <3 <3

::EDIT:: WOw you guys confused me! I thought all my readers got together to play a little prank on me.

I got multiple comments saying that I had a premium account on DA and yesterday I know I did not.

So if it was one of you who gave me that amazing gift I thank you so much!
I have that exact scar on my arm! I mean it that exact scar on my left arm on the inside, its like 11 inches or so long from my elbow from my wrist, i saw that and couldnt help but comment on it
baby mers will cry if no comment
I feel like alot of my confidence in the artwork has gone down sense I was gone. I admit that opening fight page was pathetic when it came to composition, I would redo it, but if I were to it would be likely that I wouldn't continue the story at all because I would be too focused on that one page. So I have moved on.

Poor little mer got a little too curious it seems decided to come up on land for something to eat too. I think this is like an adult telling the kid they will understand porn when your older =w= but for mers.

"Why do you go up on land every night mommy?"
" will understand when you are older"
Unfortunately Mer's don't have parents (sad fact of life for them) they are put in tide pools as infants where they grow till their big enough to get into the ocean without being eaten by other creatures (or desperate Mer's, sadly some do cannibalize)

I had drawn the veteran and the mer and all that from the previous page in the background but kinda got depleted from shading and shadows. -sad face-
oh well i suppose..


Itrasheditgood: You never know if there is a random leg on this battle field, they kinda tend to pop up.

DTD009: well I try to engage the imagination, though in my absence I feel my pages aren't up to their previous standards.

Andromeda Lazuli: oh dear lord glompage! -falls over-

WarriorNun: I think you just summed up an entire mers brain span in one word.

xmissxspunkyx: The glowie parts were supposed to be fire ;-;. Well at least you liked them though! yes >w> Naked people make me giggle when drawing them. ..Kinda scares people in the room with me but meh..

Vivi: lets hope you have better days in the future!!

Milk: I must agree with what you said in your first few sentences, this was a very forced perspective and I was displeased with it from the start. I like things to flow but that page lacked it entirely. I had to get it done though otherwise I was going to lose interest in making a new page entirely. I have done about 6 different versions of page 18 that all ended badly. SO I finally gave in and threw it together, that page had to have been my least favorite thus far in the story.
But comment wise yours has been my favorite comment in some time! I am glad that you noticed the different pieces in the characters, the main focus was supposed to be on those two fighters, the human in front hardened emotionally from fighting the mers, and the younger warrior who obviously has never stepped foot onto this battle field before. Please do comment again! It makes continuing all that more worth it!

ladybug: I am sorry you don't like the layout >;, but sadly this is the only size I can get that will fit my pages. I have these on deviantart as well that might be easier for you too look at. If you like I can send you the page link.
Comments if you please~
I decided sense I am going to be doing more pages, (and already have one in the making -thumbs up-) That I should do take a small break and practice drawing Agabeth again I haven't drawn her in a bit and she needed some practice.

It looks like we walked in on her doing something rather witchy. Looks like some ritual (hence the title), on hey those a Mer skulls aren't they!!

And to those that know my comic, there are a lot of naked people this image being no exception. Under all that black and white paint she is very much naked. Tee hee..
Oddly she doesn't seem too mad about us walking in on her.. Maybe she expected it?

enjoy~! comment replies will be on the next page I post!
Far too long a wait
MY ABSENCE IS OVER!! A new page whoot! Though i feel its not up to m standards... tell me what you guys think, should i go back and add some more editing and effects? More shading? Or do you think I am just being too much of a perfectionist? Composition isn't that great either... Comparing it to my previous work I am seriously disgruntled with myself...

Alright!! So here we go comment replies from.. Six images that haven't had replies.. oh dear lord.. okay then! lets go!


Andromeda Lazuli: You never know what crazy little creatures can be born in the world of imagination~!

Magical.Android.Aria: yeah.. kind awkward when you are planning on doing something that seems like a really great idea then you look around and realize...its not.

MadeOfLies: okay your comment with the stalker furbies made Me laugh so hard, even now many months, when i read it over I still laugh. You should so be a comedian.

EdilonOfRishloo: lets hope i got another bout of Ironic timing just now, even though I have taking way way too long for this to update.

Sychaar: ....Yeah i admit the thing in the tree..bit more scary then mer mer's.

Miriette Le Fay: Thank you for such a good comment! I love comments like these, really make my day!! I sure hope by page 100 I will be better -shudders- so much work to do so little time, i so understand that feeling.

0ri0n83: wow so my comic acted like a fish hook and reeled you back in! Lucky!!

Nikki<3: hello again Nikki my ever present commentor! I am sorry to say though, if you hugged the little Christmas mer.. I think it might just bite you.. Just a little though! I am sure he will leave an arm! maybe a scrap or two more...Depends on how yummy you are.
I love rants, and here am i ranting about how much i love them, they just show you put actual effort into your post instead of just something short!
and btw emoticons for the world!

Pleasantly Pissed: ...yes TT-TT...

Vivi: well guess what! You have more now and more on the way!!

Andromeda Lazuli: Hun, (or dude) just about anything would be worth that view.

DTD009: Agabeth is a definite feminist i can tell you that much right off the bat!

BlackRoseLacuna: actually this is all natural, no makeup, no hair products, just me! -gasp- maybe were clones >->

jadeann: You know, I believe i would have a similar reaction though mine might go something like this. -sees mers coming onto beach, screams and then starts taking photos, then runs towards them screaming 'my babies!!'-
Trust me storms out at sea are the most amazing things in the world, sadly we dont get much lightning here but i can only imagine what that would look like over the water.

YaoiGirl09: I live on the complete opposite side of the country! I live all the way over in California, three miles away from San Francisco actually. So as long as I can remember I have always been around the ocean.

Miriette Le Fay: probably a bit late for your research, but I live in California next to the largest Red wood Forest on earth. It is amazing you can go in there and its like someone has built an cone around you from a burned down redwood that you can actually just drop a tarp over and yo ucan easily fit five people inside of it comfortably. You should take a look at the redwoods someday their really quite an amazing landscape.
@Daywalker: no creeper impression taken from that comment in the least ;3 Actually my eyes have a yellow rim that is a mutation in the iris! (felt like randomly telling)
another photo of me from today, next to the oceans that inspired this comic.
So i have decided to show you all who the author is. Also its an excuse to show you all that i am not dead. just... busy.

My Aunt is living with us for a few weeks and my sister is off at college.
My mothers surgery was a success by the way! She is Cancer free, and missing an organ or two now but cancer free ;3

I am also gonna post another image of me from today by the best reference in the world. The OCEAN! -gasp- it was so stormy out today the ocean was so wild it was great!

Alright on comic note, i have been drawing, redrawing, and sketching, re-sketching the next few pages and i am getting frustrated! But i have figured out what the next page will be and i plan on posting a new page within the week if my life allows it.

I am kinda playing at home nurse right now for my mum, and finals for the semester just finished (i totally failed) D;

But either way I am working on it, and there shall be a new page coming soon!

I apologize for the delay!
Happy holidays!
Happy holidays my readers!!
The little mer picture was finished on time~! -gasp- Its a Christmas miracle! Then again this image was alot simpler than my last holiday pic...

Anyways would any of you mind if i finished up the next page after my move? We have to be in my new house before new years, and after that I should have enough time to finish it! I hope none of you mind me doing it like that too much!!

Enjoy little Mer Mer
December 16th, 2011
-pulls hat over eyes-
Oh my god, it so sketchy!! This is a laugh picture I put together, I might come back and edit this at some point but for now i present it to you as it is.

I just realized the text is incorrect for agabeths speech bubble.. meh oh well

Agabeth: Where are you putting your hands you perverted fish!!

Zevlin: ..So worth it for that view...

Agabeth don't kick people like that when you are in a skirt! It's like you just pulled the curtains up for a display! >//<

comment replies will be on new page when I finish and post it
Halloween! ...kinda..
This is so late but even so, I promised you guys a Halloween picture and so here it is!
I am kinda in the middle of moving to a new house in town, but because I am doing so I actually might be able to get pages out faster because I am going to be closer to school! (don't ask how that works but it does)
My Grandmothers surgery has been arranged for the 9th of January were in the middle of being foreclosed on (hence the moving) and are being kicked out of our house by December 28th. Gee thanks bank give us three days to get out after the holidays..How festive.
Either way I like the house, and I like the location even more. Its right behind my moms work, and in the middle of town! So I can pretty much just walk to my house at lunch and draw!
Dream come true..


Character list from right to left:

Agabeth, Oceana, Zevlin, Aravis, Fain, Kaine, Elena

Agabeth is a nurse/witch
Oceana is a burlesque dancer
Zevlin is a doctor from hell because he refused to be a female nurse
Aravis Is a ninja zombie panda
Fain is a dark fairy princes
Kaine is supposed to be the spawn of edward and jacob from twilight but kinda turned into more of a jacob cosplay. (ugh)
Elena is a Elvira kitty i think without the crazy hair..

Tell me what you think? This is my first group picture I have ever done, so I am quite interested to know what you think!

Thank you for all the ideas everyone submitted! I liked some of them so much I combined them! Like Aravis for example who is a not one, not two, BUT THREE CREATURE COMBO!!

Question for everyone here, I have a small (sketchy) image to go along with this picture, its just a joking piece. But it isnt great quality and i am hesitant to post it. Should I or should I not?

Opinions are welcomed!

So enjoy and Good luck to you all out of our digital reality the next page will be up within the next week or so!
December 1st, 2011
i really have to wonder if shunos eyes are slitted for a genetic reason.. slitted eyes arent normal in humans XD