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I know its been a while but,
Well, I guess I thought someone else might say something relatively close to what I was thinking . . . But I guess not.

Just wanted to say I really did like this, but I did enjoy it better before the hardcore BL.
So I, for one, will be really really interested in seeing a pure murder plot version.

Can't wait to see how/if it comes along(:
are you still updating this?
or is it pretty much dead?
George - I thought you only knew Atticus as Brent?
theres a small typo in the bottom box, you put 'alome'
A really nice ... shirt. totally.
i mean, it had a unicorn and everything!!
Sandra... is a girl.
well, at least the name makes a bit more sense now...

a bit of a brain fuck.
shes totally hot. ((XD))
September 22nd, 2011
@Morrow'sBetch: support this.