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Phantom Gunman
See Jeremy, Jeremy likes to draw, Jeremy likes to write. He didn't know what to do with both these things until he discovered comics. Now Jeremy is happy.
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    Jeremy Yohu
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He fits the teenage boy quota so well it's frightening :O
Getting darker
I like it :D
Very cool!
I love your style and am jealous of your story-writing skills >:x
An intriguing turnpoint! I like :D
very cool story so far. Love how you switched around the damsel in distress thing! :)
why must you think so big?
You're so good at making solid real characters and giving them awesome designs! I'm so jealous!!!
Fun Fact
In the rough draft the Camel and the 8-year-olds are playing go-fish.
Fun Fact
Harmony's name was originally going to be Monday...
Sevven & Monday? Egh.
Awesome seeing your style and skill progress! Really good art and story! *jealousy rage ensues*
Very Clever :)
Like all your comics, you succeed to compact witty humor in three panels. Love it!
Fun Fact
There's a framed photo on the left of the middle panel,
that's Harmony when she was younger :)