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Hi, I love Pokemon, and of course, Eevee! I also love dog/fox Pokemon like Ninetals (Especially Shiny ones!), Poochyena, Mightyena Growlithe, Arcanine, Luxio, Glaceon and Houndour!
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@Vulpix: Magikarp can't learn any TMs OR HMs...
@tveye: The Ratatta... it is top percentage.
Skyward Sword is so amazing. ; ~ ;
Hey Petty! I was rereading the LG comics, and got all the way to this one! Anyway, I started my own Nuzlocke challenge, just because I read this comic! It seems fun!
Anyway, I started one in SoulSilver and Platinum~ I got farther in SoulSilver... I love walking with my Pokemon. >_>

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!
D'aaw, look at that cute widdle Spinarak and its attempts at a Scary Face! It's too adorable to be effective! :3

God, I hope Cassandra doesn't die.
JOEY..! ARRGH! Heh.. heheh... Its funny when you read about other's pain and experiences with Joey. XD

Heh, I love what you did with the phone call. It made me laugh. Oh! You and your new boyfriend share a Pokemon! Rattata! This could work out nicely.... er, maybe not. D:

The first Nuzlocke losses are always the worst. You know there's gonna be more.
..So we meet again..
That poor Snover..! *Runs over and hugs Snover while stabbing you with a pitchfork*
@Guest: Remember the HG Preview in the LeafGreen Edition? ;) Giovanni is definitley going to be in here.
@Guest-O: Mewtwo's ghost? o_o That seems a little far-fetched. Dark Link and Nega Scott? I doubt they'll appear. Ever.

@gumip/everybody who's telling Petty to write faster/complaining about how slow the next update is coming and why isn't it up yet: For the love of Arceus, shut up. It takes time to level grind, progress farther in a games' storyline, and then draw it up, while thinking up a plot that is similar to the game's but is more interesting. And I bet she's busy with school/work/whatever she's doing in her free time. If its so easy, then we would have the next update up by now. But its not. Its hard work drawing this and making it look good. And, she doesn't have to do this. She can just shut her DS and her laptop, and never post an update here again. But she still does it, and the way to reward her for her hard work and efforts is NOT by pestering her and telling her to draw faster, and complain about how slow the updates are.
@Guest-0: Hmm... I forgot about him being a Gym Leader. :P I haven't played HG/SS in a while... I think it'll be somebody that LOCKE has encountered before-such as Giovanni or Gary. Maybe nobody will be up there. Or, somebody WILL be up there, somebody that will lead LOCKE into a new reigon, such as N or Lucas, perhaps?
I think...
...that Silver won't be a douchebag for the rest of the comic. I think that he'll change after having one of his Pokemon die, or watched one of Locke's Pokemon die... Kinda like how N changes after he hears your Pokemon saying that it wants to be with you..

Maybe Gary will be on top of the mountain that Red was on? (You replaced Red in your LG run...)