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Uuu.. it`s so colorful. *U*
Aww how cute he is.
And your style of coloring is nice.
Love the combinations of colors.
I do must say that i like the shading. *o*
July 28th, 2011
With what dear ?
Your just saying your going to schoo, only to escape.. XD
Anyway i like the way you draw.
July 28th, 2011
here it comes. XD
Why is Isamu he reactiong like this ?
July 28th, 2011
GOD XD. Bahahaha.. That relly made me laugh till i ended up on the floor. Hahaha..
Aww poor raine. T^T
Relly nice page.
Uuu... He`s smexy too. *U*
I like your comic so much, not only the style. Can`t wait for more. >u<
Your art is relly amazing.. I like the design.
Nice.. And they are twins.
Makes tings interesting.
Aww how cute.. >w<
I read it too.
And im impressed. I like the story, and i just can`t wait to see the next page or chapter. ^^
Nice... I like how it looks. So clean.. of course. XD And so beautiful.
Aww... I hope for you the best Ami.. ;;)
Cuy you will need it. XD
Nice... I like it.
Like always.. I love the part when they say that they all love her. XD
And i love the coloring, is nice and colorful.. XD My eyes don`t hurt. :P
UUuu i like it this way too.
I like the way you color.
Sam, you sure are.. but in the end poor Alex.. will be mad about this. XD
Funny, can`t wait to see more.

Don`t be distracted by me, im just a big fan of your comic, but i didn`t manage to let a single comment.. Lazy me. Sorry. >.<
Yes !
Dear, im glad that you managed to continue the comic.
I was sad when i saw that you wouldn`t upload.. and now my smile came to my face.

The style you developed is nice, the way you color is nice.
I`ll support this comic, till the end. *hug*

Ps: It`s me Ice.Tea. *hug*